**Names taken from "Soldiers Died in the Great War" and other sources. Squadrons have been "guessed by residence of the soldier (unless stated in originating source). Special thanks to Geoff Sullivan.



In the words of a survivor of Frezenberg 13th May 1915:-

"We came out a broken Regiment,"

But the LY had achieved more than any other regiment in the brigade. Not only had they clung onto their trenches during almost four hours of bombardment and fought off infantry assaults for another seven, they were no longer....

"God's Own"


1st/1st Leicestershire Yeomanry, Territorial Force, 04 Aug 1914 at :


Headquarters - Leicester
A Squadron - Melton Mowbray
B Squadron - Leicester
C Squadron - Loughborough
D Squadron - Lutterworth

in the 1st/1st North Midland Mounted Brigade.



LY Army Service Numbers:-

The regiment formed part of the North Midland Mounted Brigade which was administered from Leicester.

1504 joined on 28th May 1908

1620 joined on 6th April 1909

1649 joined on 1st February 1910
1753 joined on 27th January 1911
1846 joined on 5th March 1912
1950 joined on 19th May 1913
2043 joined on 4th April 1914
2101 joined on 6th August 1914
2161 joined on 21st September 1914
2200 joined on 10th October 1914

Two reserve units, the 2/1st and 3/1st, were formed during the First World War and both drew their numbers from the same series above.

Grave stone LY cipher.


Menin Gate memorial in Ypres (Panel 5)

  Menin Gate


2nd Cavalry Division
3rd Cavalry Brigade

April 4th 1918 - 1919
5th Lancers 16th Lancers 4th Hussars

Leicestershire  (P.A.O) Yeomanry

"A" Squadron

Leicestershire  (P.A.O) Yeomanry
"B" Squadron
Leicestershire  (P.A.O) Yeomanry
"C" Squadron

Officers attached to the 5th Lancers at Armistice.
A Sqn: Lt. T H Simpkin, 2/Lt R B Heading
C Sqn: Lt. T Wall

D Sqn: Capt. R A Heath MC, Lt. C W Barnard MC


April 4th 1918 - As part of the "Corps of Hussars", LY (PAO), A,B,C Squadrons  are sent to reinforce the above with RHQ temporarily not existing.

13th May 1915 - Frezenberg - The Leicestershire Yeomanry : Seven Officers killed, including the Commanding Officer and two Squadron Leaders, and eighty-seven other ranks killed and missing; five Officers wounded, including the 2ic and one Squadron Leader, and eighty-eight other ranks wounded. A Squadron held the line in support  and the "survivors" of A Squadron joined the supporting 6th Cavalry Brigade counter-attack and drove the enemy back at the point of bayonet to their original front line.  8th - 13th May 1915 Battle of Frezenberg Ridge : During this phase of the battle of Ypres the Germans tried to smash through the front held by the 27th and 28th divisions by using their superiority in guns and ammunition. The front line trenches were obliterated, but despite this and the release of a further gas cloud on the 10th May they made little headway. By the end of the six day battle the Germans had advanced about a thousand yards. Jan 1915 - brought on same establishment as a Regular Cavalry Regiment.

  3rd Cavalry Division
7th  Cavalry Brigade

Nov 2nd 1914 - April 4th 1918
1st Life Guards 2nd Life Guards  The  Leicestershire (P.A.O) Yeomanry


Leicestershire Yeomanry on inspection, Oct 1914.

The Regiment on G.O.C. inspection in October 1914


War Office,
1st January, 1916.

The following despatch has been received by the Secretary of State for War from the Field-Marshal Commanding-in-Chief the British Army in France: -

LEICESTERSHIRE YEOMANRY: Martin, Major W. F. (killed). Ricardo, Major W. F. (Major, Reserve of Officers).Johnson, Lieutenant W. S. F.Crowley, Quartermaster and Honorary Captain J. (Riding Master and Honorary Lieutenant, Reserve of Officers).Swain, No. 062 Squadron Serjeant-Major H. A.


War Office,
1st March, 1919.


The following despatch has been received by the Secretary of State for War from the Field-Marshal Commanding-in-Chief the British Army in France (Dated 31st May 1915), for Gallant and Distinguished Service : -

LEICESTERSHIRE YEOMANRY: Evans-Freke Lt.Col. Hon P. C. (killed).



Colonel. Granbe

CO June 1916 - 1917


Colonel. A H Robinson
(LYPAO) C/O 27th August 1915 - 1916. In October 1915 Abbot Robinson is promoted to Lt.Col. On the 7th of September 1915 Lt. B H Williams becomes his Adjutant. Williams was part of the Reserve of Officers and a 13th Hussar, he was appointed Adjutant on the authority of Cav Corps (2579).

Lt.Col. F L Gordon DSO

IC 2nd Dec 1915 (Temp), 15th RIR. Supplement to the London Gazette, 13 Oct 1917, page 10563.

Belfast Telegraph - 24th April 1919:- COL. GORDON VACATES COMMAND

Lieut.-Col. F.L. Gordon, D.S.O. who has been identified with the 15th Batt Royal Irish rifles ( North Belfast Volunteers) since its formation, has vacated the command of that battalion after 4 1/2 years' service. The 15th is one of the few battalions of the Ulster Division which survived the reorganisation of 1918, and it is still overseas, though reduced to a cadre. Lieut.-Col. Gordon before the war was the officer commanding the Special Services Section of the North Belfast U.V.F., and when the Ulster Division was got up he was immediately posted to it. With the exception of a period when he commanded the Leicestershire Yeomany, Lieut.-Col. Gordon served with the Ulsters. He holds the D.S.O. for his services during the war.


Major B D Fisher DSO

(17th Lancers)  Temp.C/O, LYPAO on the 7th June 1915. He is then promoted to Lt.Col. in August 1915 and is appointed General Staff Officer to 1st Cavalry Division. On the 27th of August he relinquishes command of the LYPAO to Major A H Robinson (LYPAO).


Lt. Col. Percy Cecil Evans-Freke


(photograph taken at Diss, Norfolk, shortly before the Regiment started for France)

Back row: 2/lt TE Brooks, 2/Lt Fielding-Johnson, 2/Lt RA Heath, Lt T W Best, Cpt. C H Martin, 2/Lt G Greaves, Cpt. W S B Blackett, Mjr. JCS Burkitt (RAMC), the Rev. H K Bros, Mjr. TH Hobson (RAVC), Lt. C Peake.

Middle row: Cpt. E R Hanbury, Cpt C N Newton, Mjr. F W Martin, Lt.Col. P C Evans-Freke, Mjr. W Byron, Cpt. J Bailward (Adj), Cpt G R Codrington.

Front row: 2/Lt T W Hay, Cpt. J Crowley (QM), 2/Lt W I F Macdonald, Lt. S P D Thomson


Lt Col. Percy Cecil Evans-Freke. CO. (d.13th May 1915.)

The Hon. Percy Cecil Evans-Freke, Lieutenant Colonel, Leicestershire Yeomanry, born 19 May 1871, St George Hanover Square District, London, Surrey, England.  Percy married Eva KIRWAN 24 Jul 1895. She was the daughter of Charles KIRWAN of Dalgan Park.

He was killed by a sniper on Thursday, 13th May, 1915 (Frezenburg) and is buried in Divisional Cemetery (E 5), Dickebusch Road, Ypres. An Etonian and seen his first service in a Light horse regiment in India, he joined the Yeomanry in 1895, he was promoted to Lt. in 1899, Captain in 1903;     Was Captain Leicestershire, I.Y.  Major in 1905; "brevet" Lt. Col. in February 1913; and Lt. Col in December 1913. The Colonels home was Bisbrooke Hall, Rutland.


Mentioned in despatches, 22nd June 1915.



Major Ricardo DSO

2nd in Command LY, wounded in the head and arm as OC A Sqn 13th May 1915 (Frezenberg). Pictured here at Diss just prior to deployment. He served for 15 years in the Royal Horse Guards (Blues), a keen huntsman and well known in racing circles. After Frezenberg on recuperation (returned back to the LYPAO on the 30th September 1915) he finished the war as a Lt.Col. in the Royal Horse Guards.


One of the men in A squadrons support trench describes the actions of Major Ricardo to the Grantham Journal dated 22 May 1915:-

One of the men pictured the Major nursing a wounded hand, and at the same time giving directions to the men "Save you're ammunition," the Major said. "If we're attacked, it will only be the German Infantry, and , as everybody knows, they are no good."


Mentioned in Despatches, 1st Jan 1916:-

"For gallantry in going forward in an attack near Ypres on 13th May 1915 to take command of A Squadron in support trenches. Though twice wounded he continued to command and kept his men together until troops came up when he was wounded a third time, severely."


Mentioned in despatches, 4th June 1917:-

Award of the Distinguished Service Order, "For distinguished service in the field".



 Lt. (to be identified), Major Ricardo and Lt. (to be identified)


Major J C S Burkitt (Medical Officer)

John Burkitt was also an International Rugby Union player for Ireland.


(Medals sold for £280.60 July 2008 ebay)

1914 Star: Named to: Major J.C.S.Burkitt RAMC. 1914-1918 British War Medal. Named to: Lt.Col. JCS Burkitt 1914-1919 British Victory Medal. Named to: Lt.Col.J.C.S.Burkitt MiD Oak leaves on ribbon.


John Colley Smyth Burkitt MD (Born 1/7/1860, Kilkee, Eire). had the following postings.

Lieutenant and Medical Officer Leicestershire Yeomanry 15.5.1908

Captain: 15.11.1911

Major: 25.4.1915

Lt.Colonel: 19.6.1916 whilst commanding a Field Ambulance.

Retired: 17.11.1922

He entered the French theatre of war on: 2.11.1914. His medal index card and medal roll both show the grant of oak leaves for MiD.

Sold with copy of Medal index card, showing original attachment to the Leicestershire Yeomanry and confirming the 1914 Star.

Sold with copy of medal roll.

Lt.Colonel Burkitt died on 23rd November 1926 after a short illness


Mentioned in despatches, 1st Jan 1916:-

Burkitt, Temporary Major. J.C.S., M.D., North Midland Ambulance.

"Displayed great gallantry and devotion to duty in attending wounded under heavy fire near Ypres on the 13th May 1915. Subsequently collected the wounded and took them to a place of safety".


Major. Burkitt is the Officer leading off, GOC inspection day 1914.



Capt. W B L BONN

Wounded in November 1915. Major in the Welsh Guards post war. Walter Basil Louis, gazetted (London), 2nd/Lt LYPAO  dated 1st August 1912.


Capt. C H Martin

"Charlie" Martin was Major W F Martins cousin, part of RHQ and wounded at Frezenberg.


Capt. C N Newton

He commanded B Squadron after the death of Major Liebert. Major C N Newton is recorded as commanding the "Leicestershire Dismounted Company" (made up of LYPAO men (312) & 6 Officers) from January the 3rd 1916, this was part of the "7th Dismounted Battalion" then commanded (28th Jan 1916) by Lt.Col. Abbot Robinson of the LYPAO. He went on to become a Major in the 2nd Btn The Grenadier Guards.


Lt. W T D Ritchie (Possibly)

This could be a picture of a draft officer Lt. William Thackeray Denis Ritchie who entered France c1916 and ended the war as a Captain. (He is wearing two bronze collar badges, one in his cap and one in his collar).


2/Lt. William  Esmy WIGGINS

The photo was taken in May 1916. Previously a Trooper in the Northamptonshire Yeomanry, he died on the 19th August 1916.


Unidentified LYPAO Lieutenant


Capt. D P Tolemache

(7th Queens Own Hussars)

Brigade Major of the 7th Cav Brigade, was with the LY in the midst of Battle at Frezenberg; and led the rest of the LY with 8th Cav Brigade in their final charge. Tolemache shouted:-

"Come on Men, I am not afraid to go into action with brave fellows like you!"


Captain. D B Atkins

Dudley, joined the Regiment in France, with Major B R Liebert, on the 23rd of February 1915. He is listed as living in Hinckley at the time of his request for his medals.


Captain B H Williams (Adj)

Adjutant from October 1915.


Captain.  J Bailward (Adj)

Adjutant to the LY from March 1914 on attachment from the 19th Hussars.


Capt (Temp.) W H P Gill

William, gazetted (London), transferred to the Army Service Corps, date 14th January 1916. He was 6ft 9inches tall, invalided back to England with appendicitis.


Capt. C. J. Henry

(Pictured above as a Leiutenant, 1917)

Son of Sir J Henry, he was part of the six man Officer draught that arrived in France on the 23rd of February 1915. He was gazetted (London) as Captain on the 5th July 1919. WW1, French B/W postcard, postmark FPO DC3 (3rd Cavalry Div. HQ). Dated 15/11/1915. Censor Type 3 No. 614. Identified for the  Leicestershire Yeomanry and censored by Lt. C.J. Henry. The card was addressed to Ellerslie Auxiliary Military Hospital, Blackburn.



Lt. Thomas  William  Best

Wounded in the head in the counter-attack charge that the remnants of A Squadron had left with the 8th Cavalry Brigade on 13th May 1915 (Frezenberg). He was attached to the Royal Flying Corps some time after 1915.


Lt Best's MIC:-


Lt. C W Barnard MC

Attached to the 5th Lancers after Frezenberg


Lt. G. F. Brewitt

Gazetted (London) on the 5th July 1919.


Lt. T A Fletcher

Lieutenant Leicestershire Yeomanry 13/05/1915, aged 40. Son of the later T V and Mrs Turner; husband of Stella Turner of Robin Hood's Bay, Yorks. Served in the 2nd South African War (twice mentioned in dispatches) with the 3rd Yorkshire Hussars, in which unit he was commissioned. Buried in : SANCTUARY WOOD II. B. 31.


Lt. B. B. Griffin

Basil Beresford, entered France on the 15th of June 1915. Gazetted (London) on the 5th July 1919, attached 7th Squadron MGC. Gazette, 4th/7/1919,  issue 31435 (page 8504). Mentioned in Despatches. Despatch received from Field-Marshall Sir Douglas Haig, K.T., G.C.B., O.M., G.C.V.O., K.C.I.E., Commander-in-Chief, the British Armies in France. I have the honour to submit the name of this person, who served under my command during the period 16th September, 1918, to 15th March, 1919, whose distinguished and gallant services and devotion to duty I consider deserving of special mention.


Lt. C Peake

Colin, KIA 13/05/1915 (Frezenberg) age 25. Son of Ronald and Florence Rebecca Peake, of Howard House, Ashstead, Surrey. OOSTTAVERNE WOOD CEMETERY VIII. G. 3. He joined the Regiment in 1909 and was the Nephew of the late Lt.Col W A Peake, LY.


Lt. R G Sikes

Robert Gordon, Died 22/02/1919 age 30. Attached from the 4th (Queen's Own) Hussars. Son of James Sikes, of Ioa, Dawson St., Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada; husband of Clementina Gwendoline Sikes, of Water Stratford, Buckingham. ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN S. V. M. 12.


Lt. A B S Tennyson

Ms letter (6pp) written to his step-father, the Rt Hon Augustine Birrell, on 17 July 1916 while serving as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 1/1st Leicestershire Yeomanry (7th Cavalry Brigade, 3rd Cavalry Division) describing his regiment's activities behind the lines during the first weeks of the Battle of the Somme, with comments on the terrible weather, the successful capture of the well-fortified German positions.

IWM Cat No: Documents.1203


Lt.  P M Toulmin

Philip Musgrave, KIA 22/06/1917 age 30. Son of Henry J. Toulmin, J.P., D.L. and E. L. Toulmin, of Kingsbury Lodge, St. Albans. VILLERS-FAUCON COMMUNAL CEMETERY A. 24. He was also Nephew to Colonel Freke's wife.


(Graves of the men shown, Lt Toulmin's is in a row  toward the rear).

**On the 22/06/1917, Lt. Toulmin with Sgt. Talbot, Cpl. Knight, Tpr(s) Rhodes, Howard, Lester, Green, Dormer, Huss & Hart were all killed in one action at the "Birdcage", and Tpr. Rowe died of his wounds on the next day. All are buried at the VILLERS-FAUCON COMMUNAL CEMETERY with the exception of Tpr. Rowe who is at TINCOURT NEW BRITISH CEMETERY.  Here is a letter describing what happened that night at 1:30 a.m.


Extract from :-

"The 10th (POW) Hussars and the Essex Yeomanry during the European War, 1914-18"

" THE BIRD CAGE," 11th June 1917.


On the night of June 20th the Sub-section was taken over by the 7th Brigade, Lt.-Col. Herbert Combe, D.S.O., commanding the Leicestershire Yeomanry, was in command of the party, with Major Tom Gurney, D.S.O., 1st Life Guards, as his 2nd in command. Just as the relief was complete the enemy made a raid on "The Bird Cage," in retaliation for the raid which had been carried out against them a few nights before. The Leicestershire Yeomanry bore the force of the attack and inflicted very heavy losses to the Germans. Many of the enemy were killed whilst getting over the wire entanglement, and many were killed by their own artillery bombardment. A German Officer was killed on entering the trench, 3 prisoners were taken, 2 were severely wounded and died. The result of this attack was a failure to the enemy, who suffered very heavy casualties, and identification was obtained by us. The Leicestershire Yeomanry suffered some casualties. Lt. P. M. Toulmin was killed, also 7 other ranks and 15 wounded. Lt. Toulmin was a very brave and determined officer and his death caused a great loss to his Regiment.


WW1 envelope. 

Address written & then censored by P.M. Toulmin. FPO DC3 for 3rd Cavalry Division Dated 1/11/1915. Censor Type 3, No. 614 for the Leicestershire Yeomanry who were a part of that Division.


2nd/Lt G N Anderson
Guthrie Newcomb, arrived in France on the 13th of June 1915. He joined the Royal Flying Corps on the 4th of December 1915. Wounded in June 1916. He served in 11Sqn on FE2bs with 45 RS at South Carlton, before a posting to 2 (Aux) SAG in May-Nov 1917. He rejoins the BEF with 73 Sqn on Camels. He survives the war and puts in a claim for medals in November 1919 with his address  as 177 Hinckley Road, Leicester.

2nd/Lt W E Paget

William, gazetted (London), temporary 2nd/Lt whilst employed as a Recruiting Officer, dated 15th December 1915. William had been a 2nd/Lt before this in the Leicestershire Yeomanry.


3538 A/R.S.M. Parker

George, b. Winsdor, e. Aldershot, r. Eton College, Bucks. Killed in action on 13th May 1915 age 42 (Frezenberg). Formerly of the 19th (Queen Alexandra's Own Royal) Hussars. Son of George and Lydia Parker, late of Eton Square, Eton, Bucks; husband of Edith Jane Parker (formerly Kingston), of 22, Toothill Rd., Loughborough. YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL (Panel. 5). He was shot through the neck in A Squadrons trench.



3962 SSM A Quick

Queen’s South Africa 1899-1902, 2 clasps, Defence of Ladysmith, South Africa 1901 3962 Corpl., 19/Hrs.); 1914 Star, with clasp (3962 Sq. S. Mjr., Leic. Yeo.); British War Medal 1914-20 (3962 W.O.Cl.II, 19-Hrs.); Victory Medal 1914-19 (3962 W.O.Cl.2., 19-Hrs.); Army L.S. & G.C., G.V.R., type 1 (3962 Sq. S. Mjr. R.R., 19/Hrs.); Army Meritorious Service Medal, G.VI.R., 3rd issue (3962 W.O.Cl.1., 19.H.)

From Somerset, formerly of the 19th (Queen Alexandra's Own Royal) Hussars and a Boer War Veteran. SSM Quick was posted as Permanent Staff to the Leicestershire Yeomanry on the 26th November 1912, a post he was still holding on the outbreak of the Great War. He went with this Regiment to France on the 1st November, one of the first Yeomanry Regiments to see action, as part of 7th Cavalry Brigade. He served there until 13th April 1915, when he returned to England. He was posted to 3/1st Leicestershire Yeomanry on the 3rd July 1915, most likely in a training role. He continued in this position until February 1917 when he was posted to the 3rd Reserve Regiment of Cavalry (which, incidentally, was affiliated with both the Leicestershire Yeomanry and the 19th Hussars), finally being discharged as “No longer physically fit for War Service” on the 8th October 1917.


1296 Sgt. J H S Christian

J H S Christian joined the LY 29 May 1908 and was a Sgt in HQ Sqn when they went to France. 4 Aug 1915 Attached to 7th Signal Troop 3rd Cav, Div. On 18 Jan 1917 he was granted a temporary Commission in the Royal Engineers and posted to the 4th Signal Troop. Mentioned In Despatches 22 June 1915. Medal of St George 4th Class 27 Aug 1915


Warrant Officers and Sergeants

(end of War)


1466 Cpl. E Toon MM

(Pictured as Sergeant in the 3rd/1st LY)

Orderly to Surgeon-Major Burkitt and taken prisoner by the Germans on the 14th of November 1914 near Ypres. Corporal Toon had only been in France since the 2nd of November and on being taken prisoner spent the next 14 months in the Wittenberg Camp in Germany before being released back to England. He was later awarded the Military Medal for his care of the men in the camp that had an outbreak of typhus.


1622 L/Cpl. A Turner MM

M.M. London Gazette 22 January 1917. Aubry Turner served during the Great War with the 1/1st Leicestershire Yeomanry in the French theatre of war from 2 November 1914. He was commissioned Second Lieutenant, 26 June 1917, and advanced to Lieutenant.


"A" Sqn

A Squadron at Melton Mowbray (dets at Uppingham, Rearsby, Harby, Oakham (Rutland))


Plaque in Oakham Castle Hall to fallen men of A Squadron in 1914-18.


Major E R Hanbury

Pictured here in 1914 (Captain, A Squadron LYPAO)

Major Hanbury was wounded at Frezenberg 13/05/15 and invalided back to Britain.

KIA 24/03/18, (attached MGC, 14th Div). POZIERES MEMORIAL Panel 6.

His name entered, under Cavalry, in the rememberance book of Welsh born men that died in WW1 .

Casgliad y Werin Cymru - Peoples Collection Wales (on page 10)

Memorial plaque at All Saints Church, Braunston, Rutland.



Capt. W S B Blackett

CAPTAIN WILLIAM STEWART BURDETT BLACKETT attd. LEICESTERSHIRE YEOMANRY Blackett from Manton in Rutland, died of wounds 24/11/1914, age 41. On the 20th of November 1914 the Regiment were in trenches about a mile in front of Ypres and A & B Squadrons trenches were hit by shellfire injuring a number of Yeoman, including Capt. Blackett. Served in the South African Campaign with the 3rd Grenadier Guards.  He was born in 1873, and was the only son of Commander A. S. Blackett, R.N. Captain Blackett was the nephew and heir of his uncle, Colonel Blackett, of Arbigland, Dumfries.

He was educated at Wellington College, and at the R.M.C., Sandhurst, and joined the Grenadier Guards in May, 1895, being promoted Lieutenant in February, 1898, and Captain in May, 1900.

With the 3rd Battalion he served during the whole of the South African War, for which he received the Queen's medal with three clasps, and the King's medal with two clasps.

In the Great War he was attached for service to the Leicestershire Yeomanry, and died on the 24th November, 1914, from wounds received at Ypres on the 20th November.

Captain Blackett was a keen fisherman and cricketer, and fond of hunting and shooting. He was a member of the Guards', Bachelors', and Army and Navy Clubs.

He married Kathleen Prudence Eirene, youngest daughter of B. F. Bagenal, D.L., of Benekerry, Carlow, and left one son, C. W. S. Blackett, born 1908. POPERINGE COMMUNAL CEMETERY (I. B. 1.)



Captain. Codrington

Badly wounded on the 13th May 1915 (Frezenberg). In January 1916, after recovering from being shot through the right lung, Major G R Codrington leaves the Regiment in the field to go to General Headquarters.


London Gazette, 1st Jan 1918:-

Award of Distinguished Service order, "For valuable services rendered in connection with the War".

Major Geoffrey Ronald Codrington



Capt. R A Heath MC

(Leicestershire Yeomanry, A Sqn – Attached to the 5th RIL) Awarded the MC 06.01.1919

Military Cross, Captain Robert Arthur Heath, Leicestershire Yeomanry, attached 5th Lancers:-

‘At Ghlin, near Mons on 10 November 1918, this Officer was in command of a Squadron detailed to guard the exposed flank of the 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade and push out reconnaissance’s to clear up the situation.  He handled his Squadron extremely well, drove the enemy from a village, cleared up the situation and was able to furnish the most valuable information’

His recommendation dated 12 November 1918. Awarded the Military Cross on 6th January 1919.


Captain Codrington's Rutland Troop


Lt. T H Simpkin

Wounded in action on 13th May 1915 (Frezenberg), later was attached to the 5th Lancers.


Lt. A F Turner

Alan Fletcher, KIA 12/05/1915 age 40 on the eve of battle by a shell in a dug out whilst on reconnoitre duty. Twice Mentioned in Despatches, son of the late T. V. and Mrs. Turner; husband of R. M. Stella Turner, of Robin Hood's Bay, Yorks. Served in the South African War with the 3rd Yorkshire Hussars, in which unit he was Commissioned. SANCTUARY WOOD CEMETERY II. B. 31. He had been in the Regiment a short time, having joined in December 1914.


Lt. T Wall

was attached to the 5th Lancers post Frezenberg


 Lt. Martin E Wigg

Was a Trooper in A Squadron LY in 1914, then 3rd/1st Reserve Regiment (O/Cdt & 2nd/Lt), 11th PAO Hussars (2nd/Lt) then back to LYPAO as Lieutenant. Commissioned 24/8/1917.  Listed as living at 27 Swan Street in Loughborough on his medal index card.


2/Lt. R B Heading

was attached to the 5th Lancers post Frezenberg


2/Lt. W G Smith



2/Lt. W E Wiggins

William Esmy, Died 18/08/1916 age 23. Son of William and Mary Elizabeth Wiggins, of 45, Hillmorton Rd., Rugby. OXFORD (BOTLEY) CEMETERY, I1. 55.


1357 Sgt. C C Bailey

Charles Cecil, Rutland Troop, son of Mr & Mrs E B Bailey of Warren Farm, Hoby.

Read some of Sgt. Baileys accounts from France in his letters to the Melton Times.

Commisioned 2nd Leicesters 10/7/1915.


Sgt. Major Turner


1080 (256502) SQMS F Pepper

Frederick Pepper is sat on the bivouac (best guess), he went over to France in the initial draft on the 2/Nov/1914 and at some point was wounded and invalided back to Britain. Its not clear where he when he was wounded.

The original Postcard (above) was sent to his wife at Harby, Melton Mowbray on the 5th October 1914.

The back of the card reads: My dear wife, thanks for yours of the 3rd Inst. Up to the neck in it, 30 of our squadron inoculated Sat. They are s/o duty's for few days. I am doing duty for Kirk today and night. There are only Kirk and I and it makes me very busy. George Gould broke his leg at the calf on Sunday afternoon, he fell down, (let his wife know). He is going on A.1. gone to hospital at Cambridge today. He could have been made corporal of cooks if he would sign up for foreign service but would not do so. "B" squadron (30) are being inoculated today, "C" Wednesday; my turn about Friday I think. The other side is a bivouac I built on our old camp ground. We, 3 of us, slept in it the last three nights. It is made of tree branches and an old cloth tied together with string. Madge was inside. Love to all, Fred.


SQMS Pepper's MIC:

SWB: B303564 Enlist: 14.5.08 Disch: 10.7.19 Reason: Para 392 (XVIa) K.R. Age: 44 



1464 Sgt. J A BERRY

John Albert, b. Stratford-on-Avon, e. Leicester , r. Oakham, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. Educated at King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon. He worked in the Leicester Post Office and served for nine years in the Leicestershire Yeomanry.


Officers and senior NCO's of "A" Squadron c1912-14. Men in this picture would have died at Frezenburg, "A" Squadron fought with great courage in this action. Captain Codrington (centre left) and Major Ricardo (centre right) then Capt. E R Hanbury (with dog).


1640 (255064) Sgt. J A DEWEY

On the eve of battle during the night of the 12th-13th May 1915, Captain Codrington sent Sgt. Dewey and four men up to the C Squadron trench with 20 Shovels and 10 Picks. From Captain Codrington's War Diary:-

"I directed DEWEY as best I could and sent him off. Presently - a long time later, when it was daylight, he came back and dropped into the trench - I asked him to whom he handed the tools and he told me that they had been unable to find the trench and that movement was so difficult owing to the shelling that he had put down the tools and come back - presumably for instructions."

**It must be made clear that A Squadron were not clear as to how far ahead the front line trenches were, as the Regiment had taken up their positions in the dark and not had chance to recce the positions in daylight due to a last minute change of orders from 5th Corps. 


Sgt Dewey's MIC:

2675 (LY) 51627 (CofH) Cpl. P J ANNIS
Percy; b. 11/11/1887 and KIA 25/3/1918 aged 30. He joined the MGC/C2 and entered France on the 27/5/1915.

2193 (LY ) 670949 (LC) Tpr. H J ANNIS
Henry entered France with the LY on the 2/11/1914 and then joined the Labour Corps. Percy was probably his brother. Henry survived the war.

1972 Cpl. John GIBSON

A Sqn (Oakham), died 06/02/1916 and buried at VERMELLES BRITISH CEMETERY  II  A  3.


2317 Cpl. G MORRISON

George, b. Melton Mowbray, e. Melton Mowbray , r. Melton Mowbray, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


1660 Cpl. J C NEEDHAM

Machine Gun Section LY, set up on the railway line with C Squadron.

John Cleaver, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Syston, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. BEDFORD HOUSE CEMETERY Enclosure No.4 VI. B. 12.

Cpl Needham's medals : Sold on Ebay Sept 2009.











1914 Cpl. W WOODS

William "Bill" survived Frezenberg and the War and was part of the Rutland Troop. He was a stretcher bearer at Frezenberg and he applied a field dressing to Captain Codrington's chest wound in the RHQ dug out.


Cpl. Woods's MIC:-


L/Cpl W Scott

Lance Corporal Walter Scott of Uppingham in Rutland, died through injury in 1918 (serving with the Queens Own Oxfordshire Hussars), and buried with full Military honours at Mont Huon.



William was killed in action date (unknown at the moment)


1922 L/Cpl. J R GAMBLE
John Robert, b. Leicester, e. Melton Mowbray , r. Hungerton, 1992, L/CPL, Killed in action, Frezenberg,13/05/15,  Leicestershire Yeomanry.


1805 L/Cpl. H S TROTTER

Herbert Sydney, b. Grantham, e. Leicester , r. Grantham, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15,   Leicestershire Yeomanry. Medal of St. George, 4th Class (Russia). Age 22 and son of Fred and Fanny Trotter of Grantham.


Grave Reference: Enclosure No.4 XII. D. 5.


2129 L/Cpl. H J  WARD

Herbert Joseph, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Syston, 2129, L/CPL, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL (Panel. 5)

1911 Census: Age 31, born 1880, New Parks, Leicester. Living with parents and siblings. Eldest son of 5 children. Working as a Clerk. Address: Leicester Road, Syston.

See also


Some of the Yeomen are wearing their stable and fatigues scarlet "Bonnet de Police" and waistcoats, Diss Rectory in Norfolk in October 1914.


3612 (256153) Tpr. G W BARKER

George spent the early part of the War at the Remount Depot in Melton Mowbray and then entered France sometime in 1916 or later but definitely before April 1918 as he became part of the Corps of Hussars. George survived the War and went on to become a famous Quorn Huntsmen.


Trooper Barker's MIC:-


2329 (255342) Tpr. B BLOODWORTH

Bertie was attested on the 8/10/1914 and was in France 28/5/1915 and joins the regiment on the 31/5/1915. Leicestershire Yeomanry and attached to the 5th Lancers on the 5/4/1918, Casualty No: 569, gun shot wound to the abdomen 19/4/1918, died of wounds 21/04/1918, age 25. He had been a casualty on two previous occasions, Cas No. 499, 13/6/1915 -14/7/1915 and Cas No. 492, 28/11/1917 - 17/12/1917. Son of Charles and Fanny Bloodworth, of Ufford, Northants. EBBLINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERY (II. A. 22.)



1973 Trooper G de Lisle B TINKLER is identified on the back row third from the right, he actually lived in Cossington near Sileby.


2441 Tpr. J E BONSHOR
 Joseph entered France on the 27/5/1915 (attested LY 31.10.14) as part of the reinforcement intake after Frezenberg. Also served in the Corps of Hussars (255422) attached 5th Lancers. Wounded 27.1.1916 (Bruises & Shock). Attached also to the B.C.B Depot. Discharged: 20.2.1919 Class 1.

Trooper Bonshor's MIC:-


1974 Tpr. G O CHESTER

GEORGE OSCAR, KIA 15/05/1915 age 20, Son of George Oscar and Florence Nightingale Chester of Ivy House, Seagrave, Loughborough, Leicestershire. BAILLEUL COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION (NORD) I. A. 114.



John William born in 1890, entered France on the 2nd of November 1914 with the Regiment. He survived Frezenberg and was attached to the 5th Lancers with his Sqn, A Sqn LY, his Corps of Hussars number being 255248. His "address for Pay" was 19 Eaton St, Leicester and demobbed on 21 Jan 1919. He is recorded as having one red and five blue chevrons on his demob certificate.


1938 Tpr. P CLIFFORD

Percy, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Syston, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, age 24. Son of James and Sarah Alice Clifford, of 8, Brunswick St., Leicester. Native of Syston, Leicester. YPRES RESERVOIR CEMETERY XI. D. 8.


2219 Tpr. S COBB

1/1stLeicestershire Yeomanry- KIA 21/01/1916 age 30. Sidney,  son of Sidney and Anne Cobb, of Keeper's Lodge, Trimsaran, Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire. LOOS MEMORIAL (Panel 2)


2323 Tpr. H W COY

Harry Wilfred, b. Melton Mowbray, e. Melton Mowbray , r. Melton Mowbray, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


2658 Tpr. D W DALEY

Frederick Walter, b. Melton Mowbray, e. Melton Mowbray , r. Melton Mowbray, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


2286 Tpr. W M ELTON

On the 1st October 1914 Wilfred Miles Elton, then living in the Leicestershire village of Hoby, enlisted into the army. He became Trooper, 2286, W. M. Elton, 'A' Squadron, Leicestershire Yeomanry. Early the following year he married Evelyn Maud Rollett, one of the daughters of the late Gibson Rollet, and Evangeline Rollett of the Old Hall, Thurmaston. On the 28th May 1915 he arrived in France with his unit to join the British Expeditionary Force (B.E.F.). Later in the year, on the 12th September 1915, he joined the Headquarters of the 7th Cavalry Brigade, serving with the same until the 17th April 1918. He served with the B.E.F. until the 16th June 1918, and then returned to England.

During 1917, with army renumbering, Wilfred Miles Elton had become Private, 225315, W. M. Elton, Corps of Hussars. In 1918 his home address was at the Old Hall, 17, Canal Street, Thurmaston. Having suffered wounds, he was discharged from the army on the 18th July 1919.


255456 Tpr. Edwin GRETTON

Leicestershire Yeomanry attached to the 5th Lancers, KIA Mons, 10th November 1918 (14-15 Trio). 5th Lancers War diary Vol 51, Nov 1918. JEMAPPES COMMUNAL CEMETERY (Opposite entrance of Cemetery. A. 14.)

2368 L/Cpl. A J
Arthur John, b. Leicester, e. Melton Mowbray , r. Blaby, 2368, L/CPL, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.

1884 Tpr. S T HIDDEN

Stanley Tempero Hidden survived Frezenberg and was commissioned into the Royal Army Service Corps on the 22/7/1915 and survived the War. The London Gazette states that he is a L/Cpl in the LYPAO and then commissioned to the Warwickshire Regiment  as a 2nd/Lt, dated  22nd July 1915.


Tpr Hidden's MIC:-

1828 (1827) Tpr. J W HOYES

John William, b. Nottingham, e. Melton Mowbray , r. Melton Mowbray, Killed in action, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. Trooper Hoyes (Belvoir Troop) was shot through the head whilst carrying Captain Codrington to the RAP on a stretcher.


Trooper Hoyes MIC:



2676 Tpr. W M LEE

Will Mathews Lee from Edit Weston in Rutland, he survived Frezenberg and died from his wounds sustained in another battle and buried in AIRE COMMUNAL CEMETERY - Pas de Calais, I C 12.


1822 Tpr. F W MABBOTT

Frederick Walter, b. Melton Mowbray, e. Melton Mowbray , r. Melton Mowbray, Killed in action, Frezenberg 13/05/15,  Leicestershire Yeomanry.

2501 Tpr. G MORLEY

George, b. Grimsby, e. Melton Mowbray , r. North Thorsby, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


256544 Trumpeter C H NAYLOR

Charles Henry died of his wounds on the 10th of August 1918, aged 23. Son of Jonathan and Eleanor Naylor of Leicester. He is buried in the CROUY BRITISH CEMETERY, Crouy-Sur-Somme, VI B 18.


2394 Tpr. G PARLBY

George died 14th December 1915 age 30. Husband of Lois A Jones (formerly Parlby) of New Street, Asfordy. Buried in All Saints Church Asfordby.


2220 Tpr. F PEARS

Wounded on the 13th May 1915 at Frezenberg. He was hit in the head by shrapnel had it dressed and then joined in with the counter-attack made by the 8th Cavalry Brigade.


In a letter from Trooper Pears to his mother:-

"All the Cavalry was cut up awful. I lay for two hours and nearly bled to death, but I knew myself all the time. Then I scrambled back 1 i/2 miles and had the wound in my head dressed. Thousands of shells were dropping all round us, coming three directions at once. When the Germans came up they thought we were all done in. they had been shelling four hours before they came, but when we had the order to charge they found out there was some left, and back they went like rabbits. I wish it was all bayonet work."

Tpr. H Sharman

Tpr. Herbert Sharman joined the Yeomanry 12th April 1916 and served for 8 months then transferred to the 1/5th Leicesters in France, he died in action near Lens 1917. He is recorded as Leicestershire Yeomanry in the "Fallen Heroes" at Braunston Church, Rutland.



2179 (255256) Tpr. J H Siddons

John Henry, from Osgathorpe near Loughborough, landed in France with the first arrivals in November 1914 and finished the War on attachment with the 4th Hussars.


2131 Tpr. S Sleath

Samuel Sleath. ‘A’ Squadron (d.13th May 1915.) Born 28th October, 1892. Baptised at St Peter’s 8th December of that year. Youngest son (seven siblings) of John, a railway labourer born in Ullesthorpe, and Fanny Sleath, Lutterworth Road, Ullesthorpe. (Lived in grey cottage on edge of village.) John and Fanny are buried in the cemetery, about half way down on the right as you walk in. The Leicestershire Yeomanry was a Territorial Cavalry Regiment and like all Territorials had been ‘weekend’ soldiers before the war started. It is not surprising, therefore, that Samuel was the first man to enlist from Ullesthorpe as the Territorials were hastily pushed in to reinforce the hard-pressed army in France and Belgium. Nevertheless, they had to volunteer for service abroad (which they did almost to a man), as they were obligated only to defend the home territories (hence the name). 

Samuel was killed during the Battle of Frezenburg near Ypres, during which The Leicestershire Yeomanry lost two thirds of its members. 


Samual Sleath's Death Plaque and holder, the plaque also had the grim name of the "dead mans penny".


1973 Tpr. George de Lisle Bird TINKLER

George was part of the Gaddesby Troop, he lived in Cossington near Silbey. George entered France with the 1st/1st LY in November 1914 and was commissioned  into the 3rd Reserve Cavalry Regiment in Aldershot.


2661 Tpr. H E RAY

Herbert Edward, b. Diss, e. Melton Mowbray , r. Harleston, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15,   Leicestershire Yeomanry. He was employed by Messrs. Goward and Son, High Street, Market Harborough. He joined the reserve at the beginning of 1915 and was sent out with a draft.

1987 Tpr. F H SMITH

Francis Henry, b. Melton Mowbray, e. Melton Mowbray , r. Melton Mowbray, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


A letter from Cpl. F Usherwood of the 3rd Dragoon Guards to Mr & Mrs Smith about their son:-

May 17th, 1915.

"Dear madam, It is with deep regret I have to inform you of the death of your son. He has indeed answered his Kings and Country's call to the utmost. I am a Corporal in B Squadron 3rd Dragoon Guards. We had a terrific battle on the 13th, and your son was killed on that day. The following day I was crawling about the ground between our trench and the Germans' line looking for wounded when I cam across an empty trench in which the body of your son was. He had been shot through the head, and had fallen in a sitting position in the trench. I can assure you Madame, he dies a peaceful and instantaneous death, as his poor face had a happy expression of one who had done his duty. The 13th was a terrible day for all us Cavalry. We, 3rd DG, lost 107 men, and every Regiment that was in action that day lost 100 or more. We were shelled for 18 hours, and all we could do was to crouch in the trench and hope for the best. Our troop officer was in the trench with me, and he said his prayers that day, and I also did, and I think every man did. We were attacked at one o'clock, but we beat them back by sheer bulldog fighting. My God, what a day!  We suffered the worst shelling that was ever delivered on the trenches in the whole war. I hope I have not broken it too blunt to you, as possibly you have not been officially notified yet. Please excuse the scribble, as I am writing this on the ground. I have written to your sons fiancée, enclosing her a pocket frame with his photos in and some letters to him. I also send you some papers of his. Please let me know anything more you desire to know, and I will try and tell you all in my power. Yours Sincerely, F. Usherwood."


2150 Tpr. E WEETMAN

Ernest, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. Menin Gate memorial in Ypres (Panel 5).


1889 (255022) Tpr. G WESTON

The photograph taken below is of George at home, with his parents Tom & Elizabeth and sister Hilda,  on leave from France. George Weston Joined the Yeomanry in 1914 to have a "Paid Holiday" under canvas with his friends. Within months War was declared and they were among the first to be sent to the Front (2/11/14). Despite several near misses, George survived the War unscathed, and after Armistice returned to Langham to continue farming. In 1972 he was photographed with the Duke of Edinburgh at a meeting of old comrades. He died at Langham House at the age of 101 and was buried in the churchyard there. His name is commemorated in the village by "Weston's Lane", which passed his house.

After mobilisation George spent a month in Melton Mowbray whilst Mr. Young , a horse dealer, secured horses for the regiment. Initially the regiment was stationed at Diss, Norfolk, for training, something he enjoyed. he sailed with the regiment from Southampton to Le Havre. He told a tale of one of the Sergeants using broken French to speak to one of the local women about stabling the horses. George found it very funny as he did not think the woman could speak her own language. Whilst at Ypres their horses were stabled outside the town whilst the men carried out dismounted duties in the trenches. George took part in the battle of Frezenberg, remembering seeing Lt.Col Evans-Freke (killed later that day) encouraging the men. He saw Captain Codrington, who was generally disliked, being carried away wounded. Major Ricardo, who was well liked, was also wounded. He was with Cpl. John Gibson, son of a local vet on the 6th Feb 1916, when John was killed. George said he looked after John, they would have been about the same age. He told him on several occasions to keep his head down but he failed to do so and was hit in the head. In 1917, the regiment moved to Arras, and although there were few casualties, there was a heavy loss of horses due to very cold conditions. Whilst serving in the Somme area, George remembered going fishing with German bombs, "We had fish and chips that night...". In 1918, they handed over their horses to the regular units, and with other members of A squadron, he was attached to the 4th Queens Own Hussars. George's overall comment on the period was "No one wins a War". (George Weston speaking to Peter Spooner before Georges death, aged 101, in 1997). 


Three LY men from Rutland (Photo taken in Oakham), seated is Trooper Albert Edward Goffey, he was commissioned into the 6th Cavalry Reserve Regiment during WW1. He ended the war as Lieutenant, entered theatre on 19/9/18, and his address was listed at 62 Clarendon Park Road, Leicester, on the 31/8/1920.


Trooper Samuel Brutnell

Of Kirby Bellars and his family circa 1916. Samuel won many LY Yeomanry Cups with his horse "Doodles".  The photo is taken some time after 1916. (Thanks to Jill Luke, Samuels Granddaughter - Jill's Mother is standing on the chair.)


"B" Sqn


OC Major B R Leibert

(Formerly of the 7th Hussars, pictured above in early 1915 and also his younger self with the 7th Hussars Polo team and the unmistakeable young General Haig, seated.)

Bernard Robert, killed in action 13th May 1915 (Frezenberg) age 50. Son of the late Edmund and Emily Liebert; husband of Violet Mary Woods (formerly Liebert; nee Trelawney), of 3, Manchester Square, Marylebone, London. YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL (Panel. 5) He had joined the Yeomanry (badged) in December 1914 but actually arrived with the Regiment on the 23rd of February 1915 as part of a draught of 6 officers (see below) and 83 other ranks, the regiment were stationed at "Labrearde" at the time of his arrival.


Back Row: 2nd/Lt Everard; 2nd/Lt C J Henry (son of Sir J Henry); 2nd/Lt K Marsh

Front Row: 2nd/Lt A Turner; Capt. Atkins; Mrs V Liebert; Major B R Liebert

(The photo was taken in Oakham, at the cricket ground, in early 1915. Thank you to Emma Williams, the Great Grand Daughter of Major B R Liebert for the above photo.)


Lt. T. W. Hay


Unidentified B Sqn Officer, photo 1917.


Unidentified B Sqn Officer, photo 1917.


Unidentified B Sqn Officer, photo 1917.


Unidentified B Sqn Officer, photo 1917.


Unidentified B Sqn Officer, photo 1917.


Approx 150 men went into the front line from the Squadron, 37 survived Frezenberg.

These are the 37 B Sqn men that survived Frezenberg on the 13th May 1915, pictured here in September 1917. Note also that the cap badge has changed at this time to the "PAO Crest".


B Sqn's Mascot in September 1917, she is a Fawn Lurcher bitch and had just had some pups in this picture. Unfortunately her name was not given on the source picture.


B Squadron LY in September 1917.


2/Lt. W S Fielding-Johnson

A Frezenberg survivor and the only able bodied officer at the end of the battle. He left the Regiment on the 31st of October 1915 and was "attached" to the Royal Flying Corps (Regimental War Diary).


Mentioned in despatches, 3rd July 1915:-

Award of Military Cross.

Lt William Spurret Fielding-Johnson, "For conspicuous gallantry near Ypres on 13th May 1915. Was with Major Martin, and continued the action until the Squadron was reduced to 13 men. Afterwards displayed great coolness in withdrawing to a flank and joining a cavalry brigade."


Mentioned in despatches, 13th May 1918:-

Award of Military Cross.

Captain William Spurret Fielding-Johnson, MC, Yeo. And RFC.

"For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. Whilst escorting machines of another squadron which were engaged in bombing work with one other officer he attacked ten enemy scouts. he destroyed two of them and forced another to land. On another occasion, when leading a patrol of six machines, he attacked ten enemy scouts. He destroyed one, his patrol accounted for three others. A few minutes later, in conjunction with another officer, he destroyed an enemy two-seater machine of a new type. As a flight commander he showed great skill and by his daring and good leadership set a splendid example to the other officers of his flight."

See more detail on Lt Fielding-Johnson's Royal Flying Corps record here:-


Sgt. Major Swain DCM

Pictured here as a Cpl. c1905 with QSA and bars, he served with the 65th (2nd/LY) Coy, 17th Btn IY.


Mentioned in despatches, 5th Jan 1915:-

Award of the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

990 Squadron Sergeant Major J P Swain, "For gallant conduct and great coolness on the 13th May 1915, at Ypres, in supporting and rendering valuable assistance to his officer and giving a fine example of devotion to duty to his men."


Mentioned in despatches, 31st May 1916:-

Award of the Military Cross.

"Temp. 2nd Lieutenant (temp. Lieutenant) John Pratt Swain, 2nd Bn. Leics. R. For conspicuous gallantry. As Adjutant of his battalion he rendered invaluable service to hi Battalion commander in action. With great coolness he repeatedly went out under heavy fire, until dangerously wounded, in order to regulate the movement of the attacking companies."


Diary entries for Frezenberg and more:-



John Pratt Swain

Attested 1908
No: 990. B Squadron.
Resident Barkby, Leicester
TFEM in 1912

BEF 3-11-14
DCM 19-6-15


12th March 1915, Marched through Ypres to trenches north of the Menin road, we were a merry crowd, singing, joking and laughing, little dreaming of what we going to. Ypres burning in ruins an awful weird sight, terrible stench. Took over trenches from Royal Fusiliers at midnight. Crept in on hands and knees after leaving A squadron to dig in as support.

13th May 1915, Bombardment began at daybreak, after 3 hours they attacked. We hung on, left of the line gave way, Huns in the trench and all around us. A terrible day, 188 casualties.

14th May 15, Got poor old staff out of the trench at daybreak, lost the squadron of  3rd Dragoons to whom we were attached in doing so. Crawled back thoroughly exhausted, had 2 hours sleep in a barn. Buried the Colonel at 12 noon, I was a bearer, nearly broke down, I could think of nothing else, felt miserable, though thankful to be alive.


Aug 7th 1915. Went out on patrol at night with a corporal and 1 man to investigate marks on aeroplane photo. Crept to 50 yards off German trenches, turned right for 200 yards, only found shell holes and dead bodies, knees and hands very sore with creeping.


Sept 7th 1915. Patrolled up a ditch in afternoon to 20 yards of German wire, lots of dead Germans, brought in a rifle. At night 6 of us patrol out in open,1 man wounded, dog tired and feeling bad.


Sept 8th 1915. Went out under the wire about 12 o'clock, along a sap, not much good, tried again at 6pm fired at, returned and collapsed. (After this he was sent to a field hospital with another bout of malaria, he didn't return to the regiment until 29th Sept, this may have saved his life as in his absence the battalion was badly mauled on the first day of Loos on the 25th,loosing most of their officers.)

“The London Gazette announced on May 22nd, 1931, that Major J.P. Swain, M.C., D.C.M., ceases to belong to the Reserve of Officers, on attaining the age limit of liability to recall.

Many of the 2nd Battalion who served in France and Mesopotamia will remember this gallant officer. At the outbreak of the War he was a Squadron Sergeant-Major in the Leicestershire Yeomanry, and accompanied that regiment to France on November 3rd, 1914, where he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal. Promoted to Second-Lieutenant for service in the field, he was posted to the 2nd Battalion on July 27th, 1915, and went with that battalion to Mesopotamia, where he was promoted to Captain. He was severely wounded (for the second time) in the disastrous attack on the Dujaila Redoubt, whilst serving as Adjutant, and was awarded the Military Cross. He was never afterwards fit for general service, but did excellent work as Officer Commanding the Agricultural Labour Corps at Glen Parva Barracks.”




1644 Sgt. H ASPDEN

Harry, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. He was employed by Messrs. Wartnaby, Jeffries and Sons, Solicitor's Office at Market Harborough. He was married shortly before leaving for France. (Pictured pre war as a Corporal)


1643 Sgt. L S BURTON

Lionel "Leo" Sidney, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. He was only 26 years old and the son of Mr. Burton the Jewellers on Granby Street in Leicester. He was also a regular forward in the Leicester Rugby Football Club (First of the Club to be killed in action), Leo had played for 3 seasons. He married two days before he left for the front on November the 1st 1914.


Sergeant Cookson, in writing to Mr. Burton, announcing his son's death, said:-

"I regret to inform you that your son was killed yesterday (13th insnt.) when doing his duty in the trenches.

There is a long list of others, and as it may take some time to send information officially, I have thought it best , though it is a painful duty, to inform you privately.

I cannot as yet give any details, except death was instantaneous.

May I express the sympathy of the whole Squadron - I may, indeed, say the whole of the Regiment - with you and Mrs. Burton, and perhaps especially Leo's young bride."


1785 (LY) 255125 (CofH)  Sgt W S C ILIFFE

William (Bill) Stanley Cleveland Iliffe was born in Syston Leicestershire in 1896 and died in 1977.

Trumpet Major, LYPAO. In the early 1960s Bill donated the trumpet he used in WW1to the Carillon museum. Bill was Chauffer to Colonel Charles Martin for years until his retirement.


1031 Sgt. A E STAFFORD

ALBERT EDWARD : Leicestershire Yeomanry, Unit Text: 1st/1st, Age: 33
Date of Death: 30/05/1915
Additional information: Territorial Efficiency Medal. Son of William and Elizabeth Stafford, husband of Bessie A. Stafford, of 67, Oxenden St., Highfields, Leicester. Served in the South African Campaign (Queen Victoria's South African Medal with five bars, 65th (2nd/LY) Coy, 17th Btn IY).
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference: O1. 278.


2672 (255565) Sgt. George Reynolds BROWN

From Ibstock, is the corporal/acting sergeant sitting in the middle with a dog on his knee. He was serving in the Leicestershire Yeomanry and the Corps of Hussars in Flanders and France during WWI...

George Reynolds Brown joined in October 1914 at the Magazine in Leicester, which is now a museum. He was in France by 27th May 1915 and spent the rest of the war there until he was demobbed in 1919


1309 (255004) Sergeant C. E. Valon
[ Medal ] Three: Sergeant Charles. E. Valon, Leicestershire Yeomanry 1914 Star; British War and Victory Medal (1309 Sjt., Late. Yeo.); Territorial Force Efficiency Medal, G.V.R. (255004 Sjt., late. Yeo.), very fine or better 4.
SWB #215,197 1st/1st LY, Para 392 (XVI) Wounds ("seriously" wounded by German sniper fire whilst digging trenches at Zillebeke on the 7/2/1915), Enlist 29.8.08 Disch: 23.6.17 overseas: Yes.



884 Sgt. Archibald Wright

Wounded, May 13th 1915 (Frezenberg). On recovery he was commissioned into the RFA and attached to "Tigers" Howitzer Brigade.


Sgt. Wright's MIC:-


884 Sgt. A Wright and 1 Troop (Leicester Cossacks), B Sqn,at Diss Rectory, Norfolk, just prior to being deployed.

No.1 Troop , B Squadron at camp circa 1912.


3Troop, B Squadron. The postcard has a Belgian backing.  Written on the reverse is “No.3 Troop, B Squadron, E.K. Knight, 23/5/14”. The cap badges indicate sometime in 1916. 

Group photo taken on the 20th May 1916

Back row :- Sgt Burt, Sgt Anderson (2nd/Sgt 3 Trp B Sqn), Sgt Ball (Sgt 3 Trp B Sqn) , F/Sgt Cheney, Tpr Greenhill

Front Row :- SQMS Fox, Sgt Brays, Sgt Kind, SSM Haynes, Sgt Garner, Sgt Ellingworth


    1291 Cpl. R G COX

    Robert George, b. Leicester, e. Oakham , r. Leicester, 1291, CPL., Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.



    26405 (255247) Cpl. W J Voakes

     SWB: B190694, Enlist date: 24.9.14 Disch: 4.2.19 (Aged 43)

    William James Voakes was born in St Margaret’s Leicester, Leicestershire.

    A 25 year old Warehouseman he joined the Leicestershire Yeomanry 15 Feb. 1901.

    He served in South Africa from March 1901 to 10 October 1901.

    Bars to QSA confirmed on his papers home address 11 East Short Street, Leicester.

    65th Coy (Leics) Imp Yeo.  QSA 4 Bars Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1901


    2560 L/Cpl. A H De Ville

    ARCHIBALD HUGH b. Derbyshire, e. Leicester, r. Leicester :Killed in action 13/05/1915 (Frezenberg) age23 Leicestershire Yeomanry United Kingdom Panel 5. YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL.


    1836 L/Cpl G R Dixon

    He was wounded by German sniper fire whilst digging trenches at Zillebeke on the 7/2/1915.


    1884 L/Cpl. S T HIDDEN

    Re Frezenberg 13th may 1915 approx 3:30am, he had a lucky escape:-

    "I was quite buried in the earth" he recalled and only a portion of my uniform showed above the ground. It seems that Trooper Rhodes noticed kakhi sticking out of the earth. He said the the Officer accompanying him " look at this poor fellow. " I suppose they thought the "poor fellow" was dead but at any rate they unearthed me and I actually came to my senses after a drink of water".


    2192 L/Cpl. E HOLMES

    Ernest, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


    2407 (255401) L/Cpl W R Howard

    Walter Rudolf, was killed in action on the 22 June 1917. He was part of B Squadron and had joined the Regiment on the 31st of May 1915. He had enlisted in 2014 and was part of the reserve that joined the Regiment after the losses suffered at Ypres.


    2350 (255357) L/Cpl W V LUMBERS

    William Victor, joined the Yeomanry in August 1914 at the age of 17. He entered France on the 27th of May 1915 as part of the reinforcement of the Regiment immediately after Frezenberg. William survived the war and left a diary of his time in the war.


    3313 (255967) Tpr. W DAWKINS

    William was posted to France post 1916.

2381 (LY) 255380 (CofH) Tpr. L R HEIGHTON MM
Leonard Rouse, entered France on the 27th of May 1915 as part of the reinforcement of the Regiment after the losses suffered on the 12th/13th May. He won the Military Medal in the rescue of an Officer under fire. He survived the War and demobilized in 1919.

    2578 (255513) Tpr. H W W KNIGHT

    Leics Yeo & Corps of Hussars
    1914-18 WAR MEDAL

    (Medal purchased by PAOY July 2008)

    LY attested 19.10.14, In theatre 2.4.15, attached 16th Lancers 4.4.16. Class 1 on 19.10.16. Hospital 6.12.16 to 10.12.16. Re Frezenberg 12th May 1915 approx 23:00, in a letter home: Trooper Harold "Harry" Knight described how:-

    "All the time we were getting into Trenches bullets were flying like hail and now and then lights would go up, making everything as clear as day"


    Trooper Knight is entitled to :-


    2194 L/Cpl G A LASKEY


    Militaria ] Leicestershire Yeomanry 1916 Casualty Group. Comprising British War Medal and Victory Medal. Awarded to 2194 Pte. G. Laskey Leic Yeo GC E75-100 Private Geoffrey Arthur Laskey died on the 2 3rd December 1916, whilst serving with A Squadron of the Leicestershire Yeomanry. He is buried on the Ovillers Military Cemetery France.


    1939 L/Cpl A T POWELL
    Arthur Thomas, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


    H/65007 Tpr. B W BONNER
    (2nd/1st) LY, transf. to (673763) Eastern Command Labour Centre, Labour Corps. KIA 26/11/1918. Husband of Frances Emily Bonner, of 29, Sussex St., Leicester. LEICESTER (WELFORD ROAD) CEMETERY (O. "U." 385.)

    2413 Tpr S M BANBURY

    Sidney Morris, b. Leicester, e. Leicester, r. Leicester. Died at home 29/12/1914 age 21. Son of John and Ada Banbury, of 7, Down St., Melton Rd., Leicester. LEICESTER (BELGRAVE) CEMETERY (C. 110.) Sydney was killed in the Melton area whilst exercising horses prior to the Regiment going to France.


    2511 Tpr. G H BARKER

    George Harold, b. Leahe West, Leicester, r. Coalville, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


    2265  (255300) Tpr. Kenneth W BEEBY

    Awarded a Silver War Badge in September 1914 he missed the first trip to France. He was sent to the front just after the battle of Frezenberg as part of the reinforcement of the Regiment. He left the Yeomanry at the end of the War in 1919.


    3143 (255840) Tpr D BROOKE

    Douglas Brook served in the Leicestershire Yeomanry. His Medal Index Card shows that he landed in France on 27th October 1915. He later served as number 255840 in the Corps of Hussars. 

    He survived the War and was disembodied on 14th March 1919.


    1874 Tpr. F P BROWN

    Frank Purrant, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


    2559 Tpr. E E BUCKLAR

    Ernest Edwin, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg,13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


    2554 Tpr. H BUNNEY

     Victory medal for sale on ebay 2008.

    "Herbert" later joined the Leicestershire Regiment (260051).

    2979 Tpr. J A CHARLES

    JOSEPH ALBERT, KIA 26/01/1916 age 26, Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Charles, of 7, Weymouth St., Leicester. QUARRY CEMETERY, VERMELLES (C. 25.)

    2166 Tpr. A H CLARKE
    Alfred Herbert of  374, Gladstone Street, Leicester. Died of appendicitis 27.11.15 at No. 2 Casualty Clearing Station, age 27. Son of F. A. and E. A. Clarke, of Upwood, Hunts. AIRE COMMUNAL CEMETERY (I. C. 12.)

    2243 Tpr. P O CLARKE
    PHILIP OSWALD, KIA 02/06/1916, age 29, B Squadron, Son of John Farmer and Elizabeth Clarke, of Leicester; husband of Frances Louise Clarke, of 88A, St. Peter's Rd., Leicester. HUCQUELIERS CHURCHYARD (Against South hedge.)

    2022 Tpr. G H CONQUEST

    George Harry, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Hildesborough, 2022, PRIVATE, Killed in action, aged 20, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. On the YPRES MENIN GATE MEMORIAL. Son of George Henry and Eliza Conquest, of "Inglenook", Benenden, Cranbrook, Kent.

    3 Troop, B Sqn in France pre Frezenberg.
    Trooper Conquest can be seen on the right with two hands on his shoulders.

    Members of B Squadron at Diss, Norfolk, in late summer 1914.

    1853 (255232) Tpr. R E CORBETT
    (on sale on eBay June 2008)

    "Robert" by the end of the war was a Sergeant, as this is the rank on his Victory medal. He was part of the Corps of Hussars later in the War.

    3370 (41171) Tpr. G M CRAWFORD

    (Pictured in Canadian General Service uniform, pre December 1914)
    George Max Crawford was KIA12/06/1917, he died as part of the Corps of Hussars and attached to the 16th Lancers. Buried in VILLERS-FAUCON COMMUNAL CEMETERY (A. 12.)
    He was the son of George Crawford, a farmer, born 3rd May 1856 in Loughborough, Leicestershire and his wife Mary Jane Crawford (nee Kestin, married on the 14th April 1885 in the parish church, Twyford, Leicestershire), born 10th February 1861 in Twyford, Leicestershire. George Max was born in 1890 in Queniborough, Leicestershire. George is not recorded in the 1911 census but is  recorded as sailing from New York, U.S.A. to England aboard the White Star Dominion Line, S.S. Adriatic arriving in Liverpool on the 3rd December 1914, he gave his place of residence as Canada. He joined the Gaddesby Troop on his return to the UK.

    Some of the Yeomen are wearing their stable and fatigues scarlet "Bonnet de Police" and waistcoats. The Yeoman on the far right is wearing his old LIY breeches for stable fatigues, his waistcoat is his own as its patterned. Diss Rectory in Norfolk in October 1914. (Trooper E W Grainger has been identified, standing fourth from the left, by his Grandson Barry Hill from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.)

    1728 Tpr. A R FEWKES
    Trooper Arthur Fewkes was wounded by shrapnel in both arms and was trying to get back to the RAP to be treated. The Colonel , who was on his way to see the front trench found him. Fewkes said:-

    "I could just manage to stand, but was so dazed that I could not possibly walk. The Colonel came along , and in the midst of a shower of bullets , he dragged me 200 yards away. After laying me in a ditch, he covered me in his great coat, which I wore home, and is now at the Base hospital. I cannot say how grateful I feel to the late Colonel."

    Arthur, after recovering from his wounds, then became part of the Labour Corps (497199)


    2345 (255355) Tpr. A E GALLOWAY

    Albert Edmund, b. Leicester, e. Leicester, r. Leicester, KIA 30/05/1917 age 20. Son of William Edmund Galloway and Ada Galloway, of 60, Biddulph St., Highfields, Leicester. TINCOURT NEW BRITISH CEMETERY (X. B. 12.)


    1812 Tpr. E W GRAINGER

    (Also pictured on his 87th birthday in London)

    Edgar William, b.1892, e. 18.12.1911 Leicester, r. Bosworth, Invalided 24.12.1915 (SWB B16897). A battle of Frezenberg casualty, his left leg was badly damaged by German artillery fire in the front line trench of B Squadron. Edgar emigrated to Canada in 1920 and lived on until the age of 92 and died in 1984. (Thanks to his Grandson, Barry Hill in Canada, for supplying his image and other information)

An article written by Barry Hill for the Boissevain Recorder, Manitoba, Canada in November 2014.


    Charles Green on a personal postcard with his lady in his thoughts....

    2984 Tpr. C A GREEN

    Charles Annis, b. Leicester, e. Leicester, r. Leicester, Killed in action 27/08/1916. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL (Pier and Face 1 A.) He was born in 1892 in Leicester the son of Robert Argyle Green and Emma (nee) Draycott. Charles was part of the 3rd/1st LY, No.1 Troop, and was in the 12th Reserve Cavalry based in Aldershot (East Cavalry Barracks) before being sent to the front to join the 1st/1st LY.


    256041 Tpr. C C C HART

    Charles Cecil Claude, son of W J Hart and Lucy May Hart of 141 Kimberley Road, Leicester. He was killed in action (age 31)on the 22 of June 1917 at the "Bird cage". He is buried at VILLERS-FAUCON COMMUNAL CEMETARY in plot C.34.


    2532 Tpr. J C LATHBURY

    JOHN CYRIL Age: 19, Date of Death: 10/01/1916 KIA, Son of Mrs. A. Lathbury.
    Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
    Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 2.
    Cemetery: LOOS MEMORIAL


    2468 (255441) Tpr. F W Martin

      ***Frank William Martin served in France from 27.5.1915 with B Squadron.


      1765 Tpr. F H Mathews

      Frank Herbert, b. Lutterworth e. Lutterworth  r. Gilmorton, Leics. Killed at Frezenberg, 15/05/1915


      2531 Tpr. H MOLD

      Horace Mould, of the Black Horse Inn, Thurmaston, who was born about 1896, enlisted into the army on the 27th October 1914.He first served in France on the 28th May 1915, as Private, 2531, H. Mould, Leicestershire Yeomanry (Prince Albert's Own). He joined the regiment after it had suffered heavy casualties at Frezenberg. In 1918, when the Leicestershire Yeomanry was absorbed into the 3rd Cavalry Brigade, he became part of the Corps of Hussars. He served in France until the 5th March 1918, and after returning to England he was sent to the Depot at York. Horace Mould was eventually discharged from the army, whilst serving with the 1st/1st Leicestershire Yeomanry, on the 15th April 1919. He was discharged on account of ill health, having been wounded in action on the 6th February 1916.


      1726 Tpr. J C Morrison

      John Claude, b. Spalding, e. Leicester, r. Spalding, "B" Squadron, Leicestershire Yeomanry. Killed in action 13th May 1915 (Freezenburg). Age 27. Born and resident Spalding, enlisted Leicester. Only son of the late Hector Mackay Morrison, J.P., and Emma Morrison, of Argus House, Spalding, Lincs. Educated at the Perse School, Cambridge. Mobilized August, 1914. Commemorated on YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Panel 5.



      2278 Tpr. H HANSON

      Harry, b. Corby, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.

      2591 Tpr. F W HARRIS

      Frank William, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.

      2624 Tpr. L HILL

       Leslie, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.

      2120 Tpr. G HOLLAND

       Gurth, b. Buckingham, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. Trooper Gurth Holland 2120. Unit: Machine Gun Section, 1st Leicestershire Yeomanry, attached to the 1st Battalion, Life Guards. Death: 13 May 1915, missing in action at Ypres, Western Front. Commemorated on the Menin Gate Memorial.


2108 Tpr. J H HOPKINS

      Joseph Henry (AKA "Harry"), b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry (recorded as "missing in action" and his memorial is on the Menin Gate, Ypres). He was a territorial with the Royal Horse Artillery but resigned due to work commitments prior to the war. When war broke out he was told he couldn't enlist with the RHA and was directed to the Machine Gun Section of the Leicestershire Yeomanry. (This info is subject to confirmation as WW1 Medal Rolls record a John H Hopkins 2108 and a Joseph Hopkins 1922). Photo supplied by "Harry's" Great Niece.

      2562 Tpr. E E D JOHNSON

      Ernest Edward Daniel, b. Wigstown, e. Leicester , r. Wigstown, Leicester, Killed in action aged 25, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. Trooper Johnson, of Newgate End, Wigston Magna, lived with his parents Daniel (Local Council Chairman) and Ada and had left school to start work as a butcher. His name appears on the Ypres Memorial in Belgium, his body was never found.


      2016 Tpr. T H MADDOCK

      Thomas Henry, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg,13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry

      1739 Tpr. F M MARTIN

      Frank Moir, b. Westminster, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.

      1732 Tpr. L J MOIR

      Leslie John Moir was born in Leicester, and living in Sileby, enlisted at Leicester. Serving with the Leicestershire Yeomanry, he was killed in action, France/Flanders on 13 May 1915. Having no known grave, his name is commemorated on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.

      2609 Tpr. J J MORLEY

      John Joseph, b. Leicester, e. Coalville , r. Whitwick, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.

      [ Medals ] Pair: Private J. Morley, Leicestershire Yeomanry British War and Victory Medals (2609 Pte., Leic. Yeo.), together with Memorial Plaque (John Joseph Morley) extremely fine (3) E140-180 John Joseph Morley was born in Leicester and living in Whitwick, enlisted at Coalville. Serving in the Leicestershire Yeomanry he was killed in action in the battle of Frezenberg Ridge on 13 May 1915, aged 18 years Having no known grave, his name is commemorated on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.

      1726 Tpr. J C MORRISON

      John Claude, b. Spalding, e. Leicester , r. Spalding, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15,   Leicestershire Yeomanry.

      1935 Tpr. C W MURPHY

      Cyril Wain, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


    2641 Tpr. F NEWTON

    Frank, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.

    2195 (256525) Tpr. W REMINGTON

    William, pictured above serving in the 7th (LY) Sqn IY in South Africa. SWB# 437117 Enlist: 10.8.14 Disch: 23.8.18 Reason  for Disch: Para (A1) Para 392 (XVI) KR at Age 45 having served in France with the 1st/1st LY. William had a long and experienced Yeomanry service and considering this its surprising that he was still a Trooper on his discharge.

    1936 Tpr. M W ROWLEY

    Maurice William, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15,   Leicestershire Yeomanry.

    1983 Tpr. V W SAUNDERS
    Victor Walter, b. Newton Abbott, Devon, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.

    2106 Tpr. E W L SHAW
    Eustace William Leslie, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry . He was part of the Machine gun section.

    2006 Tpr H SHAW
    Of 62 Paget Road Leicester. Listed as missing on the 22nd of  May 1915, he was later found wounded, he was commissioned into the Machine Gun Corps (Cav) on the 21st November 1916 :-
    "We went in the trenches about 1o'clockin the morning and at daybreak they started shelling our trenches with massed batteries and rapid fire. Shells were dropped in hundreds some right in the trenches some and others burst in front and behind the parapets, burying men in debris, other being blown to atoms, a terrible sight. When this had been going on for four or 5 hours, the trenches were nearly flat and then the Germans attacked in great numbers. We were at a disadvantage - most of our men out of action. Our Regiment was opposed by about 2,000 Huns. This was so all along the line. I was the only one left at our machine gun, and I mowed them down. This was so all along the line, but they took the trench on our left flank. Up till then we were holding the Germans in front of us and I have never seen chaps fight more bravely than ours did, the ground in front of us was scattered with dead. We then got the order to retire to the reserve trenches, and it was through this we suffered heavily again. I escaped because I tumbled to the game, and kept to the open ground. I was very weak from the loss of blood and sleep, and had nothing to eat for 12 hours. I kept having to rest in "Jack Johnson's" holes, gradually getting away until I cam to the rest, where they were ready to make another stand. I was twice blown over by shells, and well peppered with shrapnel, and a bullet rapped my knuckles of my left hand. I got a piece of shrapnel through my top lip which went into my gums and loosened my front teeth, and another small piece in my shoulder. I think I have got away pretty lucky, and only hope I have have the same luck every time."

    Trooper Shaw's MIC:-


Frank, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, 1802, PRIVATE, Killed in action, Frezenberg 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.

1725 Tpr F A SIMPKIN
Frederick Arthur, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, 1725, PRIVATE, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.

2160 Tpr. S SMALLEY
Samuel, b. Loughborough, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.

    2203 Tpr. G H SPENCE

    George Harry, b. Leicester, e. Coalville , r. Markfield, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15,

      Leicestershire Yeomanry. Menin Gate memorial in Ypres (Panel 5). He was the "first servant" to Major Martin.


    255113 Tpr. W SUTTON MM

    William enlisted in the Yeomanry on the 24th Feb 1913, he was awarded the Military Medal for bravery in the field, at the age of 22. His demob certificate on the 11th March 1919 also lists one red, three blue chevrons and one wounded stripe. His father, Mr W Sutton, of 124, Havelock street, Leicester, was an old volunteer, and served with the Leicesters in the Boer War.


    Tpr Sutton's MIC:-


    2097 Tpr. C TATLOW

    Charles, b. Chesterfield, e. Leicester, r. Leicester. Killed in action on the 13th May 1915 (Freezenburg) . He is commemorated on the Menin Gate in Ypres (Panel 5). Charles was born in Chesterfield, but was a resident of Leicester.


    1863 Tpr. A J  TOMLINSON

    Alfred James, b. Wigston, e. Lutterworth , r. Wigston Magna, Killed in action, France & Flanders, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. Menin Gate memorial in Ypres (Panel 5).



    1888 (255102) Tpr G.O. Thompson

    1914 Star with clasp ( "August-November 1914"), WW1 Medal & Victory Medal. He survived the war and was from Leicester. He wrote to his father, who lived in Kettering, on the 26th of February 1915 that the Leicestershire Yeomanry "Prince Albert's Own Hussars" had been inspected by General French on a dismounted parade on the 27th of January 1915.

    [ Medals ] Three: Private G. O. Thompson, Leicestershire Yeomanry 1914 Star, with copy clasp (1888 Pte., Leic. Yeo.); British War and Victory Medals (1888 Pte., Leic. Yeo.)


    Trooper Thompson's MIC:-


    2260 Tpr. J WAGSTAFF

    John, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15,

      Leicestershire Yeomanry. Menin Gate memorial in Ypres (Panel 5).


    2337 Tpr. "Bert" WARD

    Bert, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15,

      Leicestershire Yeomanry. Menin Gate memorial in Ypres (Panel 5).


    Bertie Ward was born in Leicester in 1890, the son of John Henry Ward, a shoe finisher, and his wife Annie. During his early childhood Bertie, known in later life as Bert, lived with his parents at 42, Painter street, Leicester. In 1911 Bert Ward married Ethel G. Allison in Leicester.

    Bert Ward was a Trooper (Private) in the Leicestershire (Prince Albert's Own) Yeomanry. He arrived in France on the 1st April 1915, and was soon in the front line near Ypres. On the morning of the 13th May 1915, 'B' and 'C' Squadrons of Ward's regiment were subjected to very heavy shelling, and were subsequently attacked in their trenches by German bombing parties.

    Trooper, 2337, Bert Ward, of 'B' Squadron, Leicestershire Yeomanry, was amongst those killed during this action, which claimed the lives of six of the regiment's officers, including the commanding officer, and two squadron leaders. By the day's end, of the 267 other ranks of the regiment, 87 were either killed or missing - this brought to an end the Battle of Frezenberg Ridge.

    Initially, the Adjutant of the Leicestershire Yeomanry in France reported Bert Ward as missing in action. However, by early June he was confirmed dead. He was 25 years' old. Bert Ward's wife, Ethel, and the couple's three children lived at 18, Reading street, Thurmaston. Trooper Ward's parents lived at 6, Woodboy street, Leicester. His father John Henry Ward, was a shopkeeper and lodging house keeper.

    Bert Ward has no known grave. He is commemorated on panel 5 of the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium, and on the war memorial at Thurmaston.

    For his service in the Great War he was posthumously awarded the 1914-15 Star, the British War Medal and the Allied Victory Medal.


    3057 Tpr. C  Ward

    Charles died of accidental injuries on the 18th of April 1916. He was the son of Jack and Sarah Ann Ward of 172 Birstall Street, Leicester. He is buried in the AIRE COMMUNAL CEMTERY - Pas de Calais, I D 9.


    41191 Tpr. A Warner

     Tpr. Arthur Warner, who was the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Warner, of The Bank, was only 29 years of age. His name is on the TYNE COT MEMORIAL. He was born at Kibworth and educated at Kibworth Grammar School. Prior to joining the colours he was employed as a traveller by Messrs. Carr & Co., of West Bromwich. Pte. Warner joined up on December 13th 1915, in the Leicestershire Yeomanry, being subsequently attached to the 5th Lancers. He went to France in March, 1916, and saw plenty of fierce fighting. Deceased was killed on April 18th, although a report that he was wounded did not reach deceased’s parents until May 1st.  A letter dated May 22nd, from Capt. R.A. Heath, stated that deceased died in hospital a few hours after he was hit by a shell while on patrol. Capt. Heath says, “I feel most deeply for you, as I am sure he was a good son to you. He was in my squadron, and I always found him everything that an English soldier should be.”

        The greatest sympathy is felt for Mr. and Mrs. Warner in their sad loss.

    (Market Harborough Advertiser.   11th June 1918.)


    2353 Tpr. F B WATTS

    Frank Branson, b. Brackley, e. Leicester , r. Brackley, Killed in action, Frezenberg,

    13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. Menin Gate memorial in Ypres (Panel 5).


    Click for a larger image.....

    3388 (256024) Tpr G A WATTS

    George joined the LYPAO in France post 1916 and is pictured here soon after his wedding day with his wife. George is wearing the 16th The Queens Lancers insignia and his wife is wearing the post 1916 LYPAO sweetheart badge on her blouse. Therefore the picture will have been taken after April 1918.

    (Many thanks to Mr C W Bodicoat for the image of his wifes Grandparents)


    1704 (255068) Tpr. W H WALKER

    Part of the initial deployment to France on the 2/11/1914, he survived the war and was from Market Harborough. He lived on Church Square in Market Harborough and would be part of D Squadron pre War. An extract from a letter home after the Frezenberg battle.


    Trooper Walker's MIC:-


    41191 Tpr. A WARNER

    [ Militaria ] Leicester Yeomanry Great War casualty group and plaque. Awarded to '41191 Pte. A. Warner Leic Yeo'. Comprising: British War Medal, Victory Medal, Bronze Memorial Plaque 'Arthur Warner' These are accompanied by a 1917 3rd Cavalry Division Rifle Meet bronze medal named to Pte Warner of the 'LY'. GC. E150-200 Private Arthur Warner died on the 18th April 1918 and is commemorated on the Tyne Cot memorial Belgium. He came from Beauchamp Leicester.


    256071 Tpr. J WILLCOX

    Joseph died of his wounds 31st of July 1917, aged 22. He was the son of Mrs M J Whiles of 31 Oxendon Street, Leicester. Burtied at ETRETAT CHURCHYARD EXTENSION - Seine-Maritime, I E 8.



    "C" Sqn


    Major W F Martin

    Killed in action on 13th May 1915, Frezenberg, aged 39. He joined the ranks of the Yeomanry in 1897. In the following year he was promoted to 2/Lt; in 1903 he was made Lt.; in 1904 he was made Captain, and in 1911 became a Major in command of C (Loughborough) Squadron. He served as a Lt. in the 7th Company LIY during the South African war, and received the Queen's medal with four clasps. Buried in OOSTTAVERNE WOOD CEMETERY, VI H 23.


    Killed in the same trench as Major Martin were, Major Leibert, Lt. Brooks, Lt. Peake, Troopers Hickling and Adams, and Sgt. Burton.


    Mentioned in despatches, 1st Jan 1916:-

    Martin, Major W. F., (Killed)


    Major F W Martin is seen here leading off C Squadron, in Loughborough, on mobilization in 1914.


    Lt. S P D Thomson

    Samual Pestel Donald, KIA 12/05/1915 the night before the battle by a shell in a dug out whilst on reconnoitre duty. Son of Samuel Marshall Thomson and Edith Mary Thomson, of Grey Lodge. Groby, Leicester. SANCTUARY WOOD CEMETERY II. B. 32. He joined the Regiment in 1911.

    Medals [Auction at Christies]A Very Rare Leicestershire Hussars 1914 Trio to Lieutenant S.P.D. Thomson, 1914 Star and Bar (Lieut. Leic. Yeo.); British War and Victory Medal, extremely fine, with photograph (3) (realized £575 in 1995) NotesINDENT Lieutenant Samuel Pestell Donald Thomson, born 1888, Glasgow, educated at Uppingham and Pembroke College, Cambridge, received a commission in the Leicestershire Hussars and became Lieutenant November 1913. He arrived with his Regiment in France 13 November 1914 and on the 13 May 1915 was killed by a shell bursting in his dug-out when the Leicestershire Yeomanry were holding an area on the Menin-Ypres Road; he is buried in Sanctuary Wood Cemetery, Zillebeke, Belgium


    Lt. T E Brooks

    THOMAS EDWARD, C Sqn, killed by sniper, 13th May 1915 (Frezenberg). OOSTTAVERNE WOOD CEMETERY (VI. H. 24.) He lived in Queniborough Grange and joined the Regiment in August 1914, having previously served in the 11th (PAO) Hussars and also served with the Yeomanry briefly in 1907-08. Formerly a resident at Rothley Temple, he was very well known in Hunting circles, and had ridden with much success at steeplechase meetings, where his colours, straw jacket and Tartan cap were very popular. He displayed a keen interest in Boxing and was himself a keen exponent of the art.


    Lt. E W S M P de Lisle

    Lt Edward William Stebbings March Phillipps de Lisle joined the Regiment on the 12th Nov 1914 and was in France c1916. He was wounded on 27.11.1917 and was hospitalised in Scotland until his recovery.


    215 Sqn Sgt-Major. J H GREEN

    On the day of the Frezenberg battle SSM Green had been responsible for the horses and as a result of his duty he was mentioned in despatches in the London Gazette of 27th June 1915, by Field Marshal J D P French. SSM Joseph H Green was a farmer at Springbarrow lodge, Swannamote Road, Whitwick and lived there with his sister Katherine. He was very involved with the LY from around 1910. He was commissioned into the 2nd/1st Staffordshire Yeomanry in December 1915.


    1914 Star (Clasp & Rose), Great War Medal, Victory Medal (Oak Leaf)


    SSM Green's MIC:-


    Sgt. J GARNER

    Jack survived the war, he was the son of Mr & Mrs J Garner of Adam and Eve Street, Market Harborough. An extract of a letter by jack to his parents, dated 16th May 1915.


    1342 (255217) Sgt. P T Pegg

    (1885-1942). He joined the Yeomanry in 1908 going to France in November 1914 until demobilization in 1919. When the Regiment was split up in 1918 he served with the 4th Hussars. In addition to his British medals, he received the Belgian military decoration the Croix de Guerre.


    Sgt Pegg's MIC:-

    The War Cross 1914-1918
    Awarded to military personnel for an act of bravery against the enemy.

    This bronze cross was instituted on 25 October 1915 and was also awarded to foreign military personnel. Except for bravery, it could also be awarded in a number of other cases, e.g. to military personnel with at least 5 front stripes (3 years of frontline duty) for good conduct, to volunteers either over 40 years or under 16 years old with at least 18 months of service in a combat unit, for escaped military personnel who re-entered the army or for military personnel who, through severe war wounds, were invalided out.

    Emblems could be worn on the ribbon when mentioned in the Order of the Day : a mention on Army level was recognized by a bronze palm with the letter "A" (King Albert I), five mentions on Army level by a similar but silver palm while 5 silver palms were replaced by a gold one, a mention on regimental, brigade or divisional level was recognized by bronze, silver or gilt lions.

    Also a small version of the Belgian Orders' Fourragère can be worn on the ribbon as e.g. the Order of Leopold I Fourragère.

    The obverse of the cross, which has crossed swords between the arms, shows a rampant lion in its central medallion. The reverse is identical but for the replacement of the lion by the royal cyper "A". The ribbon is red with five green stripes.


    1222 (LY) 255139 (CofH) Sgt. Robert PERKINS

    Wounded 13/05/1915 at Frezenberg, from Barrow-On-Soar, Leicestershire.


    1580 Sgt. H P KEALEY

    Henry Percy, b. Kettering, e. Loughborough , r. Loughborough, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. Henry was also brother-in-law to L/Cpl Bertie Diggle who was killed in action  on the same day.


    Sgt Kealey's MIC:-


    1478 L/Sgt J PARKER

    John, b. Whitwick, e. Oakham , r. Shepshed, Killed in action, Frezenberg 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. Son of Joseph and Annie Parker of Longcliffe Lodge, Shepshed.

    1752 (255177) Sgt A Roe
    [Featured on BBC East Midlands "Inside Out" program about "Thankful Villages" by his son, Tony Roe. Last broadcast on Monday, 19:30 7/11/11 on BBC One]

    Albert Roe is pictured above, as a boy, before the Great War. He is wearing General Service uniform. He joined military service at the age of 11 and was one of the young Leicestershire Yeoman that landed in France in November 1914. He survived "Frezenberg" and was part of C squadron in the front line that day, he was wounded needing hospital treatment twice throughout the war. He returned to his fathers farm in Saxeby, near Melton Mowbray at the end of the war and lived on until his passing in 1978. Pictured below are his medals and his medal index card. 


    1261 Sgt. C STUCHBURY

    Clarence, b. Leicester, e. Oakham , r. Loughborough, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15,  Leicestershire Yeomanry. Buried in Bedford House cemetery, enclosure No.4, VI B 15.


    1648 Cpl. F BURTON

    Frederick, b. Loughborough, e. Loughborough , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15,  Leicestershire Yeomanry.

    Son of William and Harriet Burton of Osgathorpe, Loughborough; husband of H E Burton, of Horse fair Cottage, Belton, Loughborough, Leics. Buried at Bedford House cemetery, enclosure No.4, IV H 15.


    C Squadron, Leicestershire Yeomanry, photographed in the Bull's Head Stable Yard, Loughborough on 6th August 1914. Tpr. Thirlby Hack, second from left on the third row from the front, looks at the camera. Sergeant Major Diggle, with five TF efficiency stars on his right arm, stands at the end of the second row. His son, 1760 Lance-Corporal Bertie Diggle (who must have joined up at about the same time as Thirlby) was killed in action on 13th May 1915 and is commemorated on panel 5 of the Menin Gate. The Staff Sergeant standing on the end of the front row is in fact Skill-at-Arms staff instructor George Parker (formerly of the 19th Hussars), by the end of 1914 he was SSM, C Squadron, and by April 1915 he was acting RSM.


    The Soar Valley Troop, 1914.

    7. Cecil Pepper 9. Percy Jones 16. George Parker 21. Billy Moore 23. Dan Moore 24. Thirlby Hack


    The "Central" Boys, Diss, 1914.

    Billy Moore (seated 3rd from left), Cecil Pepper (standing 4th from left). This group photo is probably "place of work" related?

    1756 (255184) Cpl. Henry Thirlby HACK, MM

    (Pictured here just after the war as a Sergeant)

    An interview with Thirlby Hack

    The Quornian - Volume II, No 7, September 1915
    Pages 29-32 give an account of ‘Our Yeomanry And The Second Battle of Ypres’
    “…We must not conclude this article, however, without some notice of the two Quorn Grammar School heroes, Sergt W Moore and Cpl H T Hack, of whom we have hitherto made no mention…

    Cpl. Thirlby Hack was wounded in the left thigh, but the bullet fortunately damaged no bone, and by the merest fraction of an inch missed the femoral artery. Near him, as he fell, lay Sgt. Robert Perkins of Barrow-on-Soar, wounded in the knee and unable to rise. But, in spite of his own wound, and of the repeated protests of Sgt. Perkins, who begged Thirlby to leave him and look after himself, the brave lad got his comrade on his back, and attempted to carry him to shelter. Time after time he was forced to put him down; but, though under a storm of high explosive shells, shrapnel and rifle fire, he took him up again, and by slow and painful stages he succeeded in reaching the cover of a ditch beside the railway embankment. There the two remained till nightfall, when Hack again took up his burden, and after a slow and agonising journey he at last reached a field hospital about a mile in the rear of the advanced line. Both reached England and their wounds are fortunately healed. To the infinite credit of both these heroes, Sergt Perkins is no less loud in praise of his preserver than Thirlby is silent about a deed, which, in any ordinary war, would have undoubtedly earned him the Victoria Cross.


    Thirlby Hack recovering (in the wheel chair) somewhere in England in 1915.

    “He that has light within his own clear breast
    May sit I’ the centre and enjoy bright day.”

    and Thirlby is quite contented to have earned the gratitude of his companion, and to feel within him the happy consciousness of a trial bravely borne and a worthy end accomplished. We, however, his old masters and school fellows, still hope that if these lines should come under the notice of anyone having interest in high military quarters, we may some day see on our hero’s breast some tangible mark of distinction to remind us of his devotion. May he soon get it, and may he live long to wear it.”


    Sgt. Hack is thought to have the Military Medal for his actions above but his MIC does not indicate this.


    Sgt Hack's MICs:-


    The London Gazette, 22 January 1917 :-

    1471 Cpl. W E CORAH

    William Ernest, b. Loughborough, e. Oakham , r. Loughborough, 1471, PRIVATE, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


    1966 (LY) 255195 (CofH) SS/Cpl B R ROUSE

    Bert, wounded in Action19 October 1918 and Prisoner of War.


     2114 (MGCC 51623) Cpl. H TYLER

    (Pictured as a Sergeant and still cap badged LY post 1916)

    Henry was a Corporal in the 1st/1st LY and was part of C Squadron. After the battle of Frezenberg in May 1915, Henry was transferred to the MGC(C). He was demobilized on the 25th of February 1919 with the rank of Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant and awarded the Meritorious  Service Medal (MSM). The London Gazette entry shows the 8th MGC(C) Squadron, but the 9th is clearly written on the Index.


    2174 (255254) Cpl. John E WOODS
    Wounded, 13th May 1915, in the legs and then "mentally" wounded again with shell shock in 1916. After his recovery he returned to his Regiment and was attached to the 5th Lancers. He was also a trained sniper having attended the 1st Army Sniping School in August of 1917.


    "C" Sqn, LY in Loughborough on mobilisation Aug 13th 1914. Major W F Martin and Lt. C Peake can be seen walking up the road.


    "Then and now"


    C" Sqn, LY in Loughborough on mobilisation Aug 13th 1914.


    "Then and Now"


    Some men of C Squadron dated 8th Oct 1914 at Diss Rectory, Norfolk.


    3384 L/Cpl. H E COX

    HERBERT EDWARD, KIA 15/07/1916 age 35, Son of Herbert Edwin Cox, of Castle Gresley, Burton-on-Trent; husband of Anna E. Cox, of 103, Riverview Gardens, Barnes, London. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL (Pier and Face 1 A.)


    1760 L/Cpl. B DIGGLE

     Bertie, b. Loughborough, e. Loughborough, r. Loughborough, of the Leicestershire Yeomanry was killed at the Battle of Frezenberg Ridge in May 13th 1915 . Bertie's father, Sergeant George Davis Diggle, fought with the Leicestershire Yeomanry in the Boer War and was mentioned in dispatches for capturing several Boers single-handed - reference is in 'Rhodesia and After'.


    L/Cpl Diggle's MIC:-



    1860 Trumpeter A G ALDRIDGE

    Alfred George, b. Loughborough, e. Loughborough, r. Loughborough. KIA 07/01/1915 age 20 (whilst digging trenches at Zillebeke on the 7/2/1915, he was shot in the head by German sniper fire). Son of George and Emma Louisa Aldridge, of 21, Broad St., Loughborough. YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL (Panel. 5)


    Diss Rectory, Norfolk, November 1914.


    1589 L/Cpl. W F KENT

    William Francis, b. Loughborough, e. Loughborough , r. Loughborough, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. Buried in Bedford House cemetery, enclosure No.4, III C 14.


    2684 L/Cpl. W T KEITH

    L/Cpl William Keith entered the theatre of war on the 27/5/1915 shortly after the battle of Frezenberg. He was also awarded the Silver War Badge (SWB).

    Private W. T. Keith, Leicestershire Yeomanry. 1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medals all

    named to 2684 Lance Corporal W.T. Keith, Leicestershire Yeomanry. (3) Good very fine £195-245


    L/Cpl Keith's MIC:-


    1989, 255127 L/Cpl. A Lord
    "Possibly" Alfred Lord of the Leicestershire Yeomanry & Corps of Hussars c1916.


    2224 Cpl. D G MITCHELL DCM

    On the 17th February 1915, he arrived in France with his unit, the Leicestershire Yeomanry (Prince Albert's Own), elements of which had first gone to serve with the British Expeditionary Force (B.E.F.) on the 3rd November 1914. Private, 2224, Mitchell, was later attached to an Auxiliary Horse Transport unit between the 1st February 1918 and the 8th April 1918; after which, from the 9th April 1918, he was attached to the 16th Lancers.

    D.C.M. Citation:- For conspicuous gallantry in holding a sap against a heavy bomb attack. On another occasion he was reconnoitering a crater close to the enemy's trenches and brought back accurate information.

    After the Armistice, on the 2nd May 1919, the then Private, 255276, Daniel George Mitchell, began his demobilzation from the army, and was discharged from the Leicestershire Yeomanry on the 29th March 1919.


    The Whitwick Troop of C Squadron in 1914.


    2145 Tpr C H ADAMS

     Charles Harold, b. Thornton, Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Quorn, Killed in action, France &

Flanders, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


1984 (255201) Tpr F F BOWLEY
Freeman F Bowley attested 29.11.1913 into the Leicestershire Yeomanry,went to France 2.11.1914, wounded in action 22.6.17 in the "Birdcage". Into the 4th Hussars 4.4.18 with the rest of his Squadron as part of the reinforcement. Home address: Hill Farm, Shepshed, Leicestershire. In the photo above he is wearing 4th Hussars collar badges but is still wearing his LYPAO buttons.


1904 Tpr. T BROOKS

Thomas, b. Loughborough, e. Loughborough , r. Loughborough, 1904, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


2122 Tpr H BRAMLEY

Harold, b. Manchester, e. Lutterworth , r. Ashby-De-La-Zouch, 2122, PRIVATE, Killed in action, France &Flanders, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.



He was wounded at Frezenberg, he was the son of Mr. Cain of the Hind Hotel in Market Harborough.


1974 Tpr. G O CHESTER

George Oscar, b. Loughborough, e. Mountsorrel, r. Loughborough, died of wounds, France
& Flanders, 15/05/15 (Frezenberg). Aged 20. He was the son of George Oscar and Florence Nightingale Chester of Ivy House, Seagrave, Loughborough, Leics. He is buried in the BAILLEUL COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION - Nord, I A 114.


1995 Tpr. G CLOWES

George, b. Guisley, e. Whitwell , r. Loughborough, Killed in action, Frezenberg,13/05/15,  Leicestershire Yeomanry. Memorial at St. James Church, Normanton-on-Soar.


3420 (LY) 256050 (CofH) Tpr. J R DORMER
John Reginald, b. Rothley, e. Leicester, r. Rothley, KIA 22/06/1917. Son of John and Ruth Dormer, of Main St., Rothley, Leicester. VILLERS-FAUCON COMMUNAL CEMETERY (c.30)The War Diary entry for the 22nd June 1917 records:
SOUTH EAST OF EPEHY. At 1.30am. The Germans attempted a raid on the BIRDCAGE , intending to block the communications trench by bombing and to raid the garrison. The plan was frustrated by rifle fire and 10 Germans were left on the wire of the communications trench, 3 being brought in wounded, all of whom subsequently died. Lt. P.M.TOULMIN , who was out on a patrol towards a German sap, returned hurriedly just before the bombardment, having evidently seen some Germans massing. He was caught in the barrage, and killed, 9 other ranks killed and 10 other ranks wounded.
The War Diary entry for the 30th June records:
Casualties during the month. Killed in action Lt. P.M.TOULMIN and 9 other ranks. Died of wounds, 1 other rank. Wounded in action, 16 other ranks.


255653 Tpr. A G DRAPER

Alfred George, b. Leicester, e. Leicester, r. Leicester, Died of wounds 12/04/1917 age 27. Son of George and Ellen Draper, of Leicester. ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY (XXII. G. 24.)


2324 Tpr. J FOYSTER

John, b. Melton Mowbray, e. melton Mowbray, r. Melton Mowbray, Died at home, 26/02/1916 age 27. Son of Joseph Foyster. FREEBY (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD.


255519 Tpr. A GREEN

Alfred, b. Lichfield, e. Leicester, r. Loughborough, Killed in action 22/06/1917 age 22. Son of Annie Green, of 33, Clarence St., Loughborough, and the late George Green. Born at Lichfield, Staffs. VILLERS-FAUCON COMMUNAL CEMETERY (C. 36.)



Henry Arthur, b. Loughborough, e. Loughborough , r. Loughborough, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, aged 23,  Leicestershire Yeomanry. Buried in Bedford House cemetery, enclosure No.4, V F 10.


1978 Tpr. G E HAWKER

Gilbert Edwin, b. Darlington, e. Barrow , r. Loughborough, 1978, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


2589 Tpr. M H HICKLING

Matthew Henry, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Quorn, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15,

Age 21, C Squadron 1st/1st LY (PAO)
Son of the late Matthew and Mary Blanche Hickling, of Syston, Leicester.

Trooper Hickling's MIC:-


1920 Tpr. P JONES

Percy, b. Birmingham, e. Loughborough , r. Loughborough, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


2146 Tpr. R G JOHNSON

Robert George, b. Stamford, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in Action, Frezenberg 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry, 4th Troop, C Squadron. His home address was 165 Fairfield Street, Leicester.

(A special thanks to his Chris Broome for supplying his Great Uncles image)


2426 Tpr. W KITCHEN

[ Medals ] Three: Private W. Kitchen, Leicestershire Yeomanry 1914- 15 Star (2426 Pte., Leic. Yeo.); British War and Victory Medals (2426 Pte., Leic. Yeo.) extremely fine (3)


1843 Tpr. J J LUCAS

John Jesson, b. Loughborough, e. Loughborough , r. Loughborough, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


1996 Tpr H V D MASON
Henry Victor b. Loughborough, e. Whitwell , r. Normanton-on-Soar, Trooper, Died of wounds, Frezenberg, 24/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


St James churchyard,Normaton on Soar.

 Photo :-  Peter Gillings


1678 Cpl. D "Dan" MOORE

Daniel, b. Nottingham, e. Loughborough , r. Quorn, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, aged 25,  Leicestershire Yeomanry. Son of William and Ann Mary Moore of 44 Loughborough Road, Quorn, Loughborough. Buried in Bedford House cemetery, enclosure No.4, III 4 C.

Tpr. "Dan" Moore had been detailed as "Pack leader" to take the horses out of the firing line, but he swapped places with another so that he could remain with his brother, "Billy", a decision that cost him his life.


1845 Tpr. W "Billy" MOORE

William "Billy", b. Quorn, e. Loughborough , r. Quorn, 1845, PRIVATE, Killed in action, Frezenberg 13/05/15, aged 23, Leicestershire Yeomanry. He was also slightly wounded in January 1915 by German sniper fire (recorded in the Regimental War Diary as Reg No: 1545). Son of William and Ann Mary Moore of 44 Loughborough Road, Quorn, Loughborough. Buried in OOSTTAVERNE WOOD CEMETERY, VI H 27.


Charles Edgar, b. Loughborough, e. Loughborough , r. Loughborough, 1844, PRIVATE, Killed in action, Frezenberg 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


256462 Tpr F PROCTER
Leicestershire Yeomanry , Age 18.
Son of Mrs. Mary Procter of 4 Charles St. Cobridge St. Stoke-on-Trent
Died 31st May 1917, buried in Fort Pitt, Military Cemetery, Chatham.


255525 Tpr L SHARP

Leonard Sharp was born at Thurmaston in about 1888, the son of Joseph Sharp, a bricklayer's labourer, and his wife Emma. He was the younger brother of Ernest Sharp (qv). On the 7th November 1914 Leonard Sharp joined the Leicestershire Yeomanry, at which time he was a serving police officer. He was drafted during March 1915; and during 1916, when on leave, he was sent to hospital. He served at the Regimental Headquarters of the Yeomanry from October 1917. The following year from the 4th April 1918, the Regimental Headquarters of the Yeomanary ceased to exist. The Leicestershire Yeomanry was spilt up. Leonard Sharp became attached to the 4th Hussars, along with "C" Squadron of his regiment. All three squadrons of the regiment became part of the 3rd Cavalry Brigade. By the time of the Armistice in November 1918, Trooper, 255525, Leonard Sharp, of 28, Reading Street, Thurmaston, was still serving with the 3rd Cavalry Brigade, which returned to England in the spring of 1919.


2646 Tpr. T J SHERIFF
Thomas Joseph, b. Grantham, e. Leicester , r. Leicester, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


Tpr. TJ Sheriff is seen here on the front row (2nd from right), this picture was taken on mobilisation. The Trooper sitting 3rd from the right is from A Sqn, and was in the Oakham Troop.


1967 Tpr. A SMITH

Arthur, b. Mountsorrel, e. Mountsorrel , r. Mountsorrel, 1967, PRIVATE, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15,   Leicestershire Yeomanry. His mother lived in Newcombe Street, Market Harborough.


C Squadron in Loughborough on mobilisation.



Of Sykefield-Avenue, Hinkley.


In a letter to his Parents:-

"It all happened on Thursday, 13th. We went into the first line of trenches in the evening of Wednesday 12th and about two o'clock the next morning they began to shell us. The Germans attacked all day long. Several charges were made. It was the worst time I have ever had. The Cavalry suffered terribly. The line was held by Cavalry. We have lost as far as I know about 250men killed and wounded. I have been shot through the knee. I lay in a "Jack Johnson" hole from 3.30 till 10:30 at night, and dare not move. Then I managed to crawl out. I saw the wounded trying to get through. Thank goodness I managed to do it"


2144 Tpr. W J STEER

William John, b. Leicester, e. Leicester , r. Quorn,  Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. Menin Gate memorial in Ypres (Panel 5).


Tpr "Billy" Steer is seated on the middle row with the pipe.


255965 Tpr B W STURGIS

Benjamin William Sturgis, Quorn Road, Mountsorrel, Leicestershire. He died on 19/8/1918 at 5 General Hospital, Rouen, France (Died of wounds while serving as a Trooper in the Leicestershire Yeomanry (Rgtl. No. 255965)). He was buried after 19/8/1918 at St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, France (Grave/Memorial Reference: R. III. F. 17 - Regiment 18th (Queen Marys own) Hussars).


2708 Tpr. B S TOMLIN

Benjamin Stephen, b. Castle Donnington, e. Melton Mowbray , r. Shepshed, 2708, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. Menin Gate memorial in Ypres (Panel 5).


2657 Tpr. P WACKS

[ Medals ] Three: Private P. Wacks, Leicestershire Yeomanry 1914-15 Star (2657 Pte., Leic. Yeo.); British War and Victory Medals (2657 Pte , Leic. Yeo.), mounted as worn, good very fine (3) E140-180 Philip Wacks entered the France/Flanders theatre of war as a Private in the Leicestershire Yeomanry. Later appointed a 2nd Lieutenant in the 4th Hussars, he was disembodied on 26 February 1919. Sold with two photographs of an Army hospital ward.


2116 Tpr. W WEBSTER

 William, C Squadron, Leicestershire Yeomanry, died 5th November 1915, aged 35. Son of Ambrose and Mary Webster, of Loughborough, Leicestershire. Buried in Fauquembergues Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France. The War  Diary mentions one death, digging parties were being employed around LYNDE so it could be that William was killed by a sniper.


1968 (LY)  255205 (CofH) Tpr. W A WHITTLE


1859 Tpr. H WILLIAMS

Horace, b. Ashby-De-La-Zouch, e. Whitwell , r. Ashby-De-La-Zouch, 1859, PRIVATE, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. Menin Gate memorial in Ypres (Panel 5).


2081 Tpr. F C WHITE
Frank Cuthbert White was killed in action 13/05/15 at Frezenberg, from Quorn in Leics. Menin Gate memorial in Ypres (Panel 5). "One crowded hour of glorius life" took at least half a dozen of the enemy until he was killed by a German rifle.... fighting near to SSM Swain.

"D" Sqn

D squadron would have been absorbed by the other three squadrons on deployment to France.


Lt. John Logan (Temp OC D Sqn)

John Logan was born in Market Harborough in 1883, went to Cambridge and then was a Railway Contractor before being commissioned into the Leicestershire Yeomanry on 15th October 1914, 01/08/15 temporary Major (possibly as a result of Frezenberg), 30/07/16 reverted to Lieutenant and finished the war as Staff Captain (Department of Director general Movements and Railways). Son of Maud A. Logan and the late John W. Logan; husband of Phyllis Logan, of "Tresco", Hewlett Rd., Cheltenham, Glos. Born at East Langton, Market Harborough.


Lt. Hugh LOGAN

He died following the Armistice at Tournai, Hainaut, Belgium, on 24 February 1919 aged 33. Brother of John (above) and Son of Maud A. Logan and the late John W. Logan; husband of Phyllis Logan, of "Tresco", Hewlett Rd., Cheltenham, Glos. Born at East Langton, Market Harborough. TOURNAI COMMUNAL CEMETERY ALLIED EXTENSION (IV. G. 10.) His father served as President of Leicestershire County Cricket Club, while his brother-in-law, William Everard, also played first-class cricket for Leicestershire. Hugh Logan (10 May 1885 – 24 February 1919) was an English cricketer. Logan was a right-handed batsman. The son of Liberal Party politician John William Logan and Maud Logan, he was born at East Langton Grange, East Langton, Leicestershire, and was educated at Westminster School. Logan made a single first-class appearance for Leicestershire against the Gentlemen of Philadelphia at Aylestone Road in 1903. The Gentlemen of Philadelphia won the toss and elected to bat, making 200 in their first-innings. In response, Leicestershire made 164 runs in their first-innings, with Logan being dismissed for a single run by Percy Clark. The Gentlemen of Philadelphia made 287 runs in their second-innings, leaving Leicestershire with a target of 325 for victory. They fell short of their target, eventually being dismissed for 222, with Logan scoring 12 runs before he was dismissed by Bart King.


1779 L/Cpl. F W THOMPSON

Francis William, b. Leicester, e. Market Bosworth , r. Barton, Killed in action, France &

Flanders, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. He was a Secretary at the Barton Fabis Y.P.S. for several years.


Men of "D" Squadron, Market Harborough, Leics, on mobilisation.

1774 Tpr. P E BOWEN

Percy Edgar, b. Hinckley, e. Hinckley , r. Hinckley, Died of wounds, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.

Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing, Ypres, Belgium, Panel 5, Age 24. Born in Hinckley and enlisted in Hinckley, Living in Hinckley. Brother of Mr E Bowen, 8 Alma Road, Hinckley.

St Peter’s Church Memorial, Hinckley

Leicestershire Roll of Honour (Leicester Cathedral)

1911 Census: His occupation is given as a servant working as an ostler at the George Inn, Market Place, Hinckley.



2062 Tpr. H CLAPCOTT

Henry, b. Christchurch, Hampshire, e. Market Harborough , r. Blandford, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


255343 Tpr. G W COOPER

GEORGE WILLIAM, KIA 13/08/1918 age 26. Son of Mrs. E. Cooper, of Gumley, Market Harborough, and the late John Cooper. Born at Gaddesby, Leicester. CAIX BRITISH CEMETERY - Somme, (II. B. 20.) 255343 Private George William Cooper was born (Gaddesby) and enlisted Melton Mowbray and lived Loughborough he was killed in action, France 13 August 1918. Aged 26 he was the son of Mrs E Cooper of Gumley. Market Harborough and the late John Cooper.


1411 Tpr J DALBY

John, b. Hinkley, e. Burley Camp , r. Hinkley, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.

Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing, Ypres, Belgium, Age 30. Born in Hinckley. Enlisted Burley Camp. Living Hinckley. Husband of Mrs Annie Dalby, 63 Rugby Road, Hinckley.

Holy Trinity Church Memorial, Hinckley.

Leicestershire Roll of Honour (Leicester Cathedral)



1618 (255091) Sgt. W HUTT

William,  believed to have enlisted around 1908. He lived at  Highfields Farm, Walcote near Lutterworth in Leicestershire. He was a Frezenberg survivor and had been injured in the battle, whilst back in England he married Beaty Hunt in 1915. He rejoined the Regiment and was injured again. "Will" was the son of Will and Clara Hutt. He was in the Leicestershire Yeomanry from at least 1908 until the end of the War. He attended Field Camps and was a noted marksman.


1765 Tpr. F H MATHEWS

Frank Herbert, b. Lutterworth, e. Lutterworth , r. Gilmorton, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry.


1927 Tpr. J ROBERTS

John, b. Hinckley, e. Lutterworth , r. Hinckley, Killed in action, Frezenberg 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. Buried in Bedford House cemetery, enclosure No.4, III C 18.


2027 Tpr. W SMITH

William, b. Leamington, e. Lutterworth , r. Lutterworth, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15, Leicestershire Yeomanry. Menin Gate memorial in Ypres (Panel 5).



(Thank you to Matt Reef for the images, he is the great nephew of John)

John Needham, b. Market Harborough, e. Market Harborough , r. Kibworth, 1912, PRIVATE, Killed in action, Frezenberg, 13/05/15,  aged 18. Menin Gate memorial in Ypres (Panel 5). John was the eldest son in a farming family. He is pictured below around 1911 in the fields of Leicestershire.



Names not identified with a Squadron


2162 Cpl Frank Kennell


1776 Tpr. W Kibby

1914 Star, with clasp (1776 Pte., Leic. Yeo.); British War and Victory Medals (1775 Pte., Leic. Yeo.)


Private P. Wacks, Leicestershire Yeomanry

1914-15 Star (2657 Pte., Leic. Yeo.); British War and Victory Medals (2657 Pte., Leic. Yeo.), mounted as worn, good very fine (3) £140-180 Philip Wacks entered the France/Flanders theatre of war as a Private in the Leicestershire Yeomanry. Later appointed a 2nd Lieutenant in the 4th Hussars, he was disembodied on 26 February 1919. Sold with two photographs of an Army hospital ward.


2344 Acting Corporal M. D. McGregor

Leicester Yeomanry, late Leicestershire Regiment, 1914-15 Star (2344 Pte. A.-Cpl., Leic. R.); British War and Victory Medals (2344 A. Cpl., Leic. Yeo.)


3511 Tpr C Grant


256109 Tpr Cecil James Harrison
His name is commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial in Belgium.

Cecil Harrison, of the Leicestershire Yeomanry, was born in 1892 in Wymondham, Leicestershire. Cecil was returning to the front with another Trooper from the LY (Tpr. A Warner) , when he was killed by a German shell on October 24th, 19171, at Hellfire Corner, near Passchendaele. He was 25.

3472 Tpr A Pickard


256079 Tpr G Farmer


2416 Tpr J A Duglass


3537 Tpr R J Simmonds



LEICESTER YEOMANRY, WW1; BWM; He is entitled to a S.W.Badge, with card index.


Arthur Wood

, Svc No. 2367 (commissioned in the field)


1914-18 WAR MEDAL

1915 (2718828) Tpr. Gilbert V TIPTOD
Wounded, May 13th, 1915.

1339 Shoeing Smith CPL C B Brown
SSC Brown's MIC, this medal set was on sale on eBay in July 2008.
Sold £80 22/07/08

2697 Cpl H W Freeman
(Medals purchased by PAOY July 2008)
Sold with MIC which confirms entitlement to 1914/15 Star Trio, and service as 255580, Corps Of Hussars. Entry to France 01/04/1915.
This medal set was on sale on eBay in July 2008.

Cpl Freeman is entitled to:

Squadron Quarter Master Serjeant E. C. T. Fox
Leicestershire Yeomanry 1914 Star, with copy clasp (loose) (1738 L. Cpl., Leic. Yeo.); British War and Victory Medals (1738 Sq. Q.m. Sjt., Leic. Yeo.) nearly extremely fine (3) E80- 100 Squadron Quarter Master Serjeant E. C. T. Fox. Leicestershire Yeomanry entered the France/Flanders theatre of war on 2 November 1914.

Trumpet Major T.A. Cramp
WWI Leicestershire Yeomanry Trumpet Major's 1914 Star group of five. Awarded Comprising: 1914 Star, with clasp '1902 Pte. T.A. Cramp Leic Yeo', British War Medal, Victory Medal 'Pte Leic Yeo', Territorial Efficiency Medal (GVR) '528082 Cpl Leic Yeo', Territorial Efficiency Medal (GVR Crowned head 'Tpt Major Leic Yeo'. Medals are lose with contact marks and rubbing to edge. GC.

Second Lieutenant F. Burt

Medals: Groups & Single Decorations for Gallantry A fine Great War `Western Front' M.C. group of four awarded to Second Lieutenant F. Burt, Warwickshire Yeomanry, attached 20th Hussars, formerly 2094 Saddler Leicestershire Yeomanry Military C



Warrant Officer Class 2 E. ONIONS

1914 Star, with clasp (527 Sq. Q.M. Sjt., Leic. Yeo.); British War and Victory Medals (527 Sq. Q.M. Sjt., Leic. Yeo.) number and rank corrected on ‘Victory’; Imperial Yeomanry L.S. & G.C., E.VII.R. (527 L. Cpl., Leic. (P.A.O.) I.Y.); Territorial Force Efficiency Medal, G.V.R. (255226 W.O. Cl. II, Leic. Yeo.) good very fine (5) £580-620


Lance-Corporal E. Onions, Leicestershire Yeomanry, was awarded the Imperial Yeomanry L.S. & G.C. by Army Order of May 1908. 60 such awards were made to the unit.



L/Cpl Bernhard MARCH
The portrait photo is taken in 1917 and the standing photo is taken around 1914.

3465 (LY) 256086 (CofH) L/Cpl Harlold CHAMBERS
Pictured pre war as the cap badge is the gilding metal LIY with the "I" removed. Harlod's medal index card indicates that he was part of the post 1915 reinforcments.

Sgt Baxter
The Trade badge appears to be "Trumpeter" and the picture is c1916 due to the cap badge.

Tpr Harry Reid
Photo taken on the 30th May 1916, unknown location.

LYPAO couple taken pre 1915. The Russian flag is pinned behind the cap badge so the photo was probably taken in August 1914.

3160 A M Adcock & Lizzie (Nee Allen)
This photo was taken pre War and it looks like Alexander Millis Adcock joined the Leicestershire Regiment (Tigers) sometime post 1916 to gain his War Medals.

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Officers & Men of the Leicestershire Yeomanry  (P.A.O.) who perished in the Great War

1914 Star 

The medal was authorised in 1917 for award to all who served on the strength of a unit or service in France or Belgium between 5th August and 22nd November 1914. This was principally an army award, although a few Navy personnel qualified, having served ashore at Antwerp during the qualifying period. A few women also received the award having served in France and Belgium as nurses or auxiliaries during the qualifying period. The award of the bar and emblem was authorised in October 1919 to all who had been under fire in France or Belgium between the above dates. The award of the medal was automatic, but in order to gain the bar and emblem a claim had to be submitted and substantiated. Since this could only be done well after the war ended, some who had the necessary qualifying service made no claim and received no bar or emblem. This applies particularly to those who qualified but died later in the war, as many next-of-kin made no claim. Around 378,000 Stars were issued.


1914-15 Star 

This medal was issued to all personnel, who served in a theatre of war before December 31st 1915 and who did not qualify for the earlier 1914 star.

The soldier's Name Rank Number and Regiment are inscribed on the back.


Simple rule: if a man did not qualify for a 1914 or 1914-15 Star, he did not see service in a theatre of war before 1916.


The British War Medal, 1914-1920 

The requirement was that a member of the fighting forces had to leave his native shore in any part of the British Empire while on service. It did not matter whether he/she entered a theatre of war or not. For example if a soldier served in a garrison in India he would get the BWM but not the Victory Medal. The soldier's Name Rank Number and Regiment are inscribed around the rim.


The Victory Medal, 1914-19 

This medal was awarded to all those who entered a theatre of war. Every recipient of the Victory Medal also qualified for the British War Medal, but not the other way round.


In all, 300,000 fewer Victory Medals were required than British War Medals. Victory Medals continued to be awarded after the Armistice, for the British forces who saw action in North Russia (up to October 12th, 1919) and Trans-Caspia (up to April 17th, 1919).

The soldier's Name Rank Number and Regiment are inscribed around the rim.



The Mention in Despatches 

This is the lowest form of recognition that was announced in the London Gazette. Originally there was no award as such, the literal mention of the individual in the Commander-in-Chief's despatch being deemed sufficient. However, eventually it was decided during the Great War that an oak leaf emblem could be worn with the ribbon of the Victory Medal, denoting the mention. The mentioned man also received a certificate carrying his service details and a reference to the despatch in which he


Renumbering of the Territorial Force Yeomanry in 1917

Men serving in the Territorial Force got new numbers in 1917 and a great deal can be determined about their service from these numbers. This page should help you understand what it all means.


The renumbering of the TF Yeomanry was promulgated in Army Council Instruction 381 published on 3 April 1917. As in the other arms, ACI 380 also dealt with changes in the arrangements for TF records, pay and other administrative matters. These arrangements were to take effect from 1 April 1917. It also set out the affiliation of Yeomanry units serving overseas to particular Reserve Cavalry Regiments, which were to act as reinforcing and rejoining units for them and it stated that soldiers serving in the Mounted Brigade Signal Troops were to be renumbered in the block assigned to the Yeomanry Regiment from which the troop was originally drawn. Under the Corps Warrant, Yeomanry units belonged to either the Cavalry Corps of Dragoons, Lancers or Hussars (as did regular cavalry units). By the time this ACI was published a number of Yeomanry units had already been converted to infantry. ACI 381 emphasised that Yeomanry renumbering did not 'apply to personnel of the Yeomanry who have ceased to be Yeomen in consequence of their unit to which they belonged having been organised on an infantry basis, 3rd line Yeomen who have been transferred to Reserve Infantry Battalions, nor those transferred to Reserve Cavalry Regiments'.


Those soldiers treated as regulars for renumbering retained their existing number as long as they served in the same Cavalry Corps, even if subsequently posted to a TF unit of that Corps or to another regular unit of that corps. If they were transferred to another Cavalry Corps they received a regular number in their new corps, even if posted to a TF unit.

From date of renumbering the only men who could join Yeomanry units and be dealt with as TF were:

  • Men directly enlisted who did not come under the provisions of the Military Service Act
  • Men serving on TF attestations who were transferred from other arms of the TF
  • Men directly posted to Yeomanry units, as their first units, from Army Reserve Section B

The overall allocation of numbers was as shown in this table:

  Regulars TF
Lancers Below 30001 Above 30000
Dragoons Below 70001 Above 70000
Hussars Below 200001 Above 200000


From To allocated to ... which was considered to be in the ...
255001 260000 Leicester Yeomanry Corps of Hussars