in association with
The Leicestershire Yeomanry (PAO) Association.

Troop HQ at Somerby Equestrian Center, Leicestershire.

If you are an able rider and you live in Leicestershire and you would like to take part in Military Cavalry Training and "Living History" Events then read on.....

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Schedule of Events & Training

 HAC Instruction at Flemish Farm, Windsor - September 27th 2008

Following another most enjoyable day at Flemish Farm in July, NY (M)  will be booking another session for 27 September. The 20th may be alternatively available if the 27th is a problem for a significant number of you. As before, it will comprise an hour’s Troop Ride, followed by an hour’s Skill-At-Arms. Cost as before is 25 per hour and you can opt for the Troop Ride only, but if you want to do the SAA you have to have been on the TR first! The TR starts at 1300 and we have to tack up ourselves so muster time is 1215hrs. Car sharing arrangements can be organized with the share of the petrol per person.

PAOY Dress: Shirt & Tie, Jumper, DPM Jacket, Breeches, Boots & Spurs, whip & Gloves, Skull cap & Silk.

 Moulton College, Northampton October 2008 onwards

Training under Sean Maxwell (Household Cavalry) has now moved to Tuesday nights. It will be monthly to begin with, but we have the option of a fortnightly session if enough people are able to make such a commitment.

PAOY Dress: Shirt & Tie, Jumper, DPM Jacket, Breeches, Boots & Spurs, whip & Gloves, Skull cap & Silk.

 Dismounted Exercise at East Haddon

This will take place over the weekend of 24-26 October. NY (M) is coordinating this so please can you register your interest by emailing PAOY (MT) as soon as possible.

About PAOY (MT)
The PAOY Mounted Troop has been started with the aim of gaining proficiency in Military Mounted drill, skill at arms and ceremonial training. All Troop training will be under the instruction of "Qualified" Instructors from the Household Cavalry and others. The PAOY Mounted Troop is being started in association with the established Northamptonshire Yeomanry (Mounted) and the Honourable Artillery Company (Light Cavalry). The PAOY Troop is not an Army Unit or part of any current serving unit but is in association with the Leicestershire Yeomanry (PAO) Association. PAOY (MT)  is simply a "club" for Cavalry or Yeomanry Cavalry enthusiasts. However, it is the intention to provide able military trained riders for ceremonial occasions if required and also hopes revive the mounted spectacle of a Troop "Section(s)" of the Leicestershire (PAO) Yeomanry c1910 for "Living History" purposes.

The PAOY (Mounted Troop) is open to all riders with a good level of riding experience, you "don't" need to have military experience to join but you do need to be a competent rider. It would be excellent to have serving Yeoman or ex-Yeoman in the Troop as well.

If you're level of riding experience needs a boost then the "Somerby Equestrian Centre" near Melton Mowbray has all the facilities and qualified instructors (civilian) to bring you up to speed.

Equipment and uniform will have to be acquired by the new member, training establishments will provide the mounts (or bring your own when appropriate). A list of equipment needed for basic training is as follows:-

Skull Cap Riding Shop  
Mounted Service Dress Cap O/R (Household Cavalry) Army Surplus/eBay  
Maroon/Navy "sextupled" Cap Silk Riding Shop  
PAOY (MT) Navy Blue Polo Shirt PAOY (MT) 15
Stable Belt PAOY (MT) PAOY (MT)  
Reproduction LY Embroidered Shoulder Titles (Pair) PAOY (MT) 10
LCA Recognition Flashes (Pair) LCA 10
Jumper Heavy Wool Army Surplus/eBay  
Army Shirt (Fawn) Army Surplus/eBay  
Army Tie Army Surplus/eBay  
Military Breeches Army Surplus/eBay  
DPM Soldier 95 Jacket Army Surplus/eBay  
Military (Ranks) Whip Goddards or eBay  
No 2 Dress Jacket (O/R) Army Surplus
Cap, Collar, Cross belt badge & Buttons (LY PAO) Army Surplus/eBay  
Cross Belt O/R Hussar/Dragoon Brown Leather Army Surplus/eBay  
White Royal Artillery Lanyard Army Surplus/eBay  
Dark brown riding gloves (Officer pattern) Riding Shop  
Black Straps & Spurs (Royal Horse Artillery if Possible) Army Surplus/eBay  
Long Riding Boots (Black) Riding Shop  
c1900 Pattern Sabre (not essential) eBay (M D Long Ltd) 75
White buff sword knot (not essential) Army Surplus/eBay  
Household Cavalry wet weather riding cloak Army Surplus/eBay  

** LY embroidered shoulders titles (for Jumper) can be obtained from a UK supplier at a cost of 10 a pair. All the items above can be easily and cheaply obtained (eBay is a great place), Indian (green scabbard and hilt) 1908 pattern Sabres can be purchased for 75 from a supplier in Leicester. LCA Recognition Flashes are available on joining and are to be worn on both arms of the No2 Dress Jacket, the top point of the diamond is exactly 4 inches below the top shoulder seam. PAOY Polo shirts will be available (at cost) on joining as will the stable belt. RHA Spur straps can be provided by PAOY MT.

Drill Riding by the 15th Hussars
(YouTube Clip)

**If invited on another Troop's training then dress code will be set by that Troop.

There is no rank structure within the PAOY Troop, however there are proficiency levels that will be achieved and old cavalry rank will be worn on a brassard to indicate this. Riders that have gained equal proficiency will be rotated giving others a chance to come on. It is the aim of each rider to understand and experience each level of Troop proficiency.

Come and earn your badge.... these are not given away and you really do have to work hard for them.

PAOY (Mounted Troop) is for the "Cavalry" enthusiast, not re-enactment.

HAC LC Tent pegging 2008

Joint training with the "Northamptonshire Yeomanry (Mounted)" is underway at HAC (LC) HQ  Flemish Farm in Windsor (Guards Polo Club) on the 5th of July.

An HAC LC Troop section on inspection just before duty at the Queen's Cup and Windsor Cup Polo Guards on the 15th and 22nd June 2008. ("Oz" is the grey). The photo is taken at Flemish Farm the HAC LC HQ.

Then later on in the year (October) at Moulton College Equitation Centre in Northampton.

The Northamptonshire Yeomanry (mounted), will be holding a day of mounted drill (mainly one hand including the use of the sword), mounted skill at arms and assessment rides for new members. The instruction will be under the Instructor HAC LC and the assessments will be conducted by the Cpl of Horse Instructor NY(M) The venue will be at the Stables of the Honorable Artillery Company Light Cavalry Flemish Farm, Windsor Great Park.

If you are interested in joining then please contact me by ----> email <---- for joining instructions.

Insurance: We recommend that all riders have British Horse Society "Gold" Insurance.


(Associated to the Northamptonshire Yeomanry)



 NY MT Troop section  on inspection before their passing out ride at HAC LC HQ, Flemish Farm, Windsor.

If you are a person in Northamptonshire or the surrounding Counties that has an interest in horses and would like the opportunity to enjoy your hobby with friends The Northamptonshire Yeomanry (Mounted) is for you.

SSM Watts (NY MT) preparing for her passing out ride at HAC LC HQ, Flemish Farm, Windsor.


The Northamptonshire Yeomanry (mounted) is not an Army Unit; it is a military riding club, which aims to allow its members to develop their love for horses within a formal structure. The British Cavalry of the C20th is without doubt the centre of all riding knowledge to be found in all disciplines of riding in Britain.  As such the Northamptonshire Yeomanry (Mounted), not only has fun events with good friends but also endeavors to assist the riders to achieve their aims no matter what they are, through the training to be found in the British Cavalry.


Chris Morley-Smith being presented with a course certificate by Reg Howe the Commander of the HAC LC


The Northamptonshire Yeomanry (Mounted) being a Squadron of the Regiment is broken up into 2 Sabre Troops, one in based in Northampton, the other at Wisbech (Cambs).


The OC NY (MT) and the SSM Lancashire Hussars (MT) seen here in Poland 2007.

The scope of activities of the Northamptonshire Yeomanry (Mounted), are varied. However, all activities are based around those of a mounted Unit and as such we expect all mounted members to be able to ride to a fair standard to gain the full experience of the events offered. Besides the constant mounted training being undertaken at places such as Moulton College of Equitation and at HAC LC Windsor, some of the events carried out by the NY (M) over the last 12 months are as follows:


Sidesaddle instruction at The Sidesaddle Centre Kineton,

Military riding in Windsor Great Park,

Lancer Days at Poznan Poland,

Visit and guided tour of the Household Cavalry Barracks Knightsbridge

Campaign Ride in the West Prussian Forest

Weekend dinner and visit to The Household Cavalry at Bodney

Christmas Dinner




The Northamptonshire Yeomanry
(1919: The Northamptonshire Yeomanry Dragoons)
The last troop of Yeomanry in the County, The Royal Kettering, was disbanded in 1873 and, until February 1902 when the new regiment was gazetted, Northamptonshire was without its own Yeomanry.

The First uniform of the new regiment was of regulation drab, or khaki, with pale blue collar, cuffs and piping up back, sleeves and down the front of the jacket. Shoulder chains with brass lettering NIY. The Regimental badge, as worn on the collar, side-cap, peaked cap etc., was the "galloping white horse": the badge used as the centre piece of Maltese Cross on the Shakos of the 1830-45 period.

A full dress uniform was in use by 1905 although at this date, probably by senior officers only. The picture (left) shows a representation of the blue Dragoon uniform of a Lt.Col. of 1905. the white metal dragoon helmet carries the "galloping white horse" badge in the centre of the helmet star and a plume of white over light blue horse hair. The blue tunic has a pale blue collar, decorated with the regimental badge, and cuffs and piping of the same shade. All lace is silver and that on the shoulder belt, waist belt and sword slings has a pale blue lining running through. The waist belt has a silver rectangular plate ornamented with the "white horse" badge.

In levee-dress, officers' blue overalls would have double silver stripes, but for other occasions double pale blue as shown.


LCA Recognition Flash

This emblem represents the  "civilian" Light Cavalry association "LCA", it is worn on the military uniform used by the various Cavalry Clubs within the LCA to signify that a) The individual is "civilian" b) The Cavalry Club is a member of the LCA.

Individuals within the LCA are accepted by their own Cavalry Clubs, and the Cavalry Clubs are accepted into the LCA, only, by invitation.

Invitation into the LCA recognises the standard and ability of the club and the members therein.

Any military uniform worn within an LCA Cavalry Club is worn according to its own club regulations and in recognition to the numbered points below.

(The "LCA" is a worldwide association.)


It is recognised that :-

1. No insignia or current specific uniform is worn by an individual or Cavalry club of any active Corps/Regiment of the British Army, unless he/she, is enlisted and in service and entitled to do so.


2. Any uniform worn by an individual or Cavalry Club that represents a former regiment of the British Army, regular or Yeomanry, is worn with express permission from the relevant regimental association and is worn with respect.


3. Any rank worn within the Cavalry Club is gained by his/her level of proficiency within the Cavalry Club according to its rules and in no way represents the authority of the Military equivalent. However, the rank may hold whatever authority given to it in its "own" Cavalry Club.


4. If a Cavalry Club within the LCA is attending any event (in uniform) where the regular army is also in attendance, then it is expected that the Cavalry Club representative make  his club known to the senior officer in charge as a matter of courtesy (to avoid any confusion or embarrassment to both parties).


5. No Military Medals may be worn by a Cavalry Club unless an individual therein has earned the medal(s) in service within H.M. Armed Forces and the occasion is appropriate.

Why do we need something like the Light Cavalry Association?

The world of light cavalry is one of lost souls wondering around a plane of desperation. There is not a lack of people to organise events and shows but there is a lack of mounted light cavalrymen to attend them. This lack of manpower so dispirits the organisers into organising nothing. Indeed, some events are precluded due to the lack of the manpower to allow them.

All Light Cavalry Units are, by their very nature, independent and are not at home to others telling them what to do. Therefore to join an organisation that would hand over ownership of the Unit is not an acceptable situation. The Light Cavalry Association is not an Organisation but an ASSOCIATION!!! It has no interest of controlling the Units within it nor does it expect the constituent Units to expect it to do so. It is an association of grown ups who should be trusted.

The aim of the Light Cavalry Association is to give the Units within it a resource of light cavalrymen to carry out their projects. Due to this it also gives to the Units a calendar of events that are available from the other Units to attend. This does not mean it is a supplier of cheap labour for public events as the attendance at any event is down to each individual Unit deciding if it wants to attend. Therefore the prettier event the more support can be expected.

The Central Committee that consists of the Commanding Officer of each Unit plus one other runs the Light Cavalry Association. From this resource is taken the few Association administrative officers plus others seconded to the Central Committee. The only posts of the Central Committee are the CEO and the Muster Master. The first post is self explanatory the second is the person who holds the Calendar of events.

 The CEO has been given the power to deal with all situations in a unilateral way for the safety of the LCA. This position is to be rotated through the C.O.’s of the constituent Units. Or held over for an extended tour at the grace of the Unit C.O’s

 All Units within the LCA can veto all other Units wishing entry.

 The type of Unit is related only to their need of being in a light cavalry unit. This means they could be anything from modern British Army Cavalry though all the shades of re-enactment.

 The only situation that will bring ire upon any Unit is bringing the LCA into disrepute.

 There is no subscription to the LCA from the constituent Units, just the honest bon ami that each group brings to the LCA.