Reference: {Private Collection}
Dated 26th June 1917

Letter from an Officer of the 6th Cavalry Brigade.
  Dear Mrs Freke

        I am writing direct to you about your Nephew Lt P M Toulmin, Leicestershire Yeomanry, as I knew him slightly and was acting Chaplain in the forward area to his Regiment as well as to my own Brigade and I had also the sad duty of taking the funeral at VILLERS-FAUCON CEMETERY to where we brought him back and others who were killed that morning about (June 22nd) 1:30 a.m. Others may have written and told you or his Mother the details of how the Hun endeavoured to cut off the party who were in the outpost line by arriving behind them from 2 directions. But owing to the gallantry with which the Leicester held the communication trench and their outpost held the front -

The Hun raid failed - no supports could come up to help because the Hun put a barrage up behind the outpost line and in front of the Leicester supports - It may be some satisfaction to  you and his relations to know that your Nephew and 2 men lost their lives in endeavouring to warm the outpost of the approach of the Hun from the West and your Nephew was in front of the line when the Hun raid started and was able to give warning.

All the gallant lives have been sacrificed for what they thought right and it was their suffering on behalf of Duty carrying out of which must be acceptable in the eye of the Him like ** given ** ****

Believe me

6th Cavalry Brigade